StarBaron - Skirmish

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== BETA ==

Play through the tutorial, it's quick and fairly painless.

But basically, you are the Blue guy, take over the galaxy.

Use the mouse to select your blue stars, then left click to send ships to enemy stars.

You can specialise the stars using the star type buttons on the top right.

== Controls ==
* To Select a Star - Left Click
* To Deselect all stars press SPACE -OR- click into empty space
* To Select Multiple Stars
- Drag a select boax around the stars you want
-OR- SHIFT+Mouse Click to add stars to your selection
-OR- A To Select ALL
-OR- CTRL+N To Select all Naval Stars
-OR- CTRL+E To Select all Economic Stars
-OR- CTRL+D To Select all Defence Stars
-OR- CTRL+S To Select all Standard Stars
-OR- CTRL+M To Select all MineLayer Stars

== Notes ==
1. Surround your enemy - the more sides you attack an enemy star from, the bigger bonus you get.
2. Don't fly over enemy defence stars, your fleets will be massacred.
3. Use Defence stars to create borders with your enemy.
4. Don't hit an enemy defence star head on, you'll be slaughtered.
5. Don't adjust your speakers, there's no sound yet, this is just a beta!




Still something to do...

Well, real nice idea! I liked to play it - to times. Then it startet to get a littlebit boring, so I wanted to play a little bit with the star- and enemy-counter and while playing with only a few stars it always crashed after a short time (one minute ore something).
Also it would be nice, to have more detailed information about the workingpower of the planets. I think, right now it's to hard to see zhe size to really work with it.
I think, this game has great potential when a fewimprovements are done!

Great game

I really liked this. Only have two suggestions:
1. In-game speed adjustment. I know you can change the game speed at the beginning, but the way the game plays you need it to play slower at the beginning in order to keep up but then it just drags on towards the end.
2. Some type of audio track. Seriously needs some sort of music.

Still, liked the game and will look forward to your next one.

Excelent for a beta.

This game is a really addicting and fun game, challengeing to an extent. Keep in mind the ideas for researching upgrades and such for the real version. A guide should be put in the game as well to demonstrate how complex, yet simple the game is, to say: show that the bigger the star, the faster and better it is at producing, and to show the really cool AI you have going on. I found that if you fight one enemy, its harder than to fight 3. (tip for players there) Again, excelent game. Keep up the good work and I shall look forward to the real version.

I like it, but....

its too fast and too hard...and yes, thats what she said....but anyways...it would be a better game with more time to think and more strategy as far as protecting and taking planets....I really liked it though, its a good game and it deserves its place in NG.

Its OK

This is a good game it reminds me of one on my phone i love playing but it would be better with things like researching technology to improve your arm and being able to get different types of ships... I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but there just suggestions you might want to think about.
Overall not over complicated and a nice beta.
Um btw when i played i clicked on menu in the tutorial but when i clicked the x button to get the menu to go away it did not work.
Rock on :)

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alienpro responds:

Ah, nice bug, thanks!

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4.13 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
10:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)