StarBaron - Skirmish

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== BETA ==

Play through the tutorial, it's quick and fairly painless.

But basically, you are the Blue guy, take over the galaxy.

Use the mouse to select your blue stars, then left click to send ships to enemy stars.

You can specialise the stars using the star type buttons on the top right.

== Controls ==
* To Select a Star - Left Click
* To Deselect all stars press SPACE -OR- click into empty space
* To Select Multiple Stars
- Drag a select boax around the stars you want
-OR- SHIFT+Mouse Click to add stars to your selection
-OR- A To Select ALL
-OR- CTRL+N To Select all Naval Stars
-OR- CTRL+E To Select all Economic Stars
-OR- CTRL+D To Select all Defence Stars
-OR- CTRL+S To Select all Standard Stars
-OR- CTRL+M To Select all MineLayer Stars

== Notes ==
1. Surround your enemy - the more sides you attack an enemy star from, the bigger bonus you get.
2. Don't fly over enemy defence stars, your fleets will be massacred.
3. Use Defence stars to create borders with your enemy.
4. Don't hit an enemy defence star head on, you'll be slaughtered.
5. Don't adjust your speakers, there's no sound yet, this is just a beta!





better graphics would make it unforgetable

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Needs moar explosions.


I win 90% of the time on all diffculties

I dont change my stars...
Standards are harder to take over :P

How do they lose?
Cuz they do change and I swoop in for the In-The-Middle-Of-Your-Territory Skullfuck

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I love it! Played it one first difficulty and won... then played on second and lost rather quickly... then tried again on second and almost lost at the beginning but made a hell of a comeback and ruled the galaxy!

I can't believe this is only a Beta!!! This was perfect as is... but please don't make the full version too complicated. Once you add ship upgrades and different tiers of specialized stars (like Defence lvl 1, lvl 2, etc) then it's impossible to catch back up once you've fallen behind. And you have to be constantly checking the menus and thinking "is it the right time to buy this upgrade? should I buy this or this? Are the upgrades balanced or is there one that will help me out of this particular situation?"

It may seem like a boring idea to you, but I suggest that if you want to add upgrades and tiers, etc, you should make them automatically affect all players depending on game time. As I said before, your game is perfect as is. Adding visual changes periodically throughout the game will make it more visually appealing and will keep people's interest longer. Even if you don't technically have to "work" for the upgrades, they are your reward for simply staying alive.

Honestly, think about it, the only complaint that people have is that it is too hard. Would you want to increase the complexity of the game by forcing people to micromanage? That will only increase the number of complainers. Give them the micromanagement for free but show them the progress, and they will be more interested.

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For all of you who are complaining...its too hard...Shut up and go play You Have to Burn the Rope. Sounds like it would be more your level. Sure the computer gets ahead but you just have to outsmart it and be strategic.
Excellent game I love its simple and elegant strategy, less is more. The only reason you do not get a ten is because there is so little in way of modes, which I'm sure you will solve in the actual release. Keep up the good work!

WAY too hard.

It would of been a great game if you made it just a bit easier. Keep working on it, though--try and slow down the pace of the game. I found that I only had about 4 stars when my enemy had about 20, and the controls are too easy to mess up. For example, I accidentally turned all my stars in to Minestars--that shouldn't happen.

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4.13 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
10:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)