StarBaron - Skirmish

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== BETA ==

Play through the tutorial, it's quick and fairly painless.

But basically, you are the Blue guy, take over the galaxy.

Use the mouse to select your blue stars, then left click to send ships to enemy stars.

You can specialise the stars using the star type buttons on the top right.

== Controls ==
* To Select a Star - Left Click
* To Deselect all stars press SPACE -OR- click into empty space
* To Select Multiple Stars
- Drag a select boax around the stars you want
-OR- SHIFT+Mouse Click to add stars to your selection
-OR- A To Select ALL
-OR- CTRL+N To Select all Naval Stars
-OR- CTRL+E To Select all Economic Stars
-OR- CTRL+D To Select all Defence Stars
-OR- CTRL+S To Select all Standard Stars
-OR- CTRL+M To Select all MineLayer Stars

== Notes ==
1. Surround your enemy - the more sides you attack an enemy star from, the bigger bonus you get.
2. Don't fly over enemy defence stars, your fleets will be massacred.
3. Use Defence stars to create borders with your enemy.
4. Don't hit an enemy defence star head on, you'll be slaughtered.
5. Don't adjust your speakers, there's no sound yet, this is just a beta!




Nice work

It's a fun and well made game, my only complaint is the AI is terminaly stupid.

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This game is AWESOME!! its like starwars: empire at war only not gay and worse graphics. Its a nice mix of tactics and simplicity GOOD JOB!! only complaint, i kno its just a beta, but the graphics..., sound..., change the text? maybe? Other than little things like that, i only problem i found is that the deselecting was kind of annoying (i kno u click out side of all the stars!) maybe press "backspace or CTRL to deselect would be good. Keep up the good work, looking forward to final version, and sequels!!

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I really do not understand why everyone is........

Complaining about de-selecting. Just click anywhere outside the planet you dolts. works for me. Anyway, great game though the mines I usually missed and that cost me ships. Maybe color selection or name selection would give this game a better feel. not everyone likes blue. can't wait to see the full version and I give this a 5.

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I just can´t stpo playin

Very addicting, very good idea a calssic estrategy game but quie original, I just don´t give 10 because you can´t change your color or chose anoter start point.
It ´ll be a good idea if you include a multiplayer option.

Awesome idea

Looking forward to an improved version in the future, heres some things that could be improved.

Graphical interface - Most of it was pretty good looking, but making some of it a bit higher quality would be nice,
- The interface for chosing the specialization of your base
- The icon for the Mine

Controls - Overall the control scheme was incredible, however I sometimes found myself sending ships accidentaly because I would forget I had a base selected and I would attempt to select a differant base, Perhaps making it so you have to press a button before clicking to indicate you do in fact want to send ships. (This could be optional for those people who dont have my problem and enjoy just clicking to send)

Speaking of options...
Perhaps allow the user to chose the color which they want at the beginning
More than four total enemies? (This might cause lag, but it's worth trying if you haven't)
I also think the game would benefit from having one more kind of base type, not sure what, but I feel like one more solid choice would be cool. (Perhaps something offensive besides the naval base)

Great game, hope it's even better in the final release.

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4.13 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
10:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)