~Mouse Maze~

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Author Comments

May become very frustrating for people who are crap at mouse mazes or mazes generally.

Just a little thing I made one day, took me about an hour overall. Enjoy!

I think the script i just added should work, but tell if it doesn't!

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well the replay took me awhile to push XD


Decent, but you have the super hold down the button type glitch/cheat thing going on.

vancleff responds:

Really, hmm, i'll see how to fix that

Overall bad game

bad maze art, boring it needs color, can cheat easy by right clicking and in level 2 and 3 (didn't do it in 1) to replay you just have to touch the wall so just drag mouse over the walls and when your to the end touch wall one more time for replay and hit the finish mark. You might want to fix that

vancleff responds:

I will fix that, i've just worked out how and i will maybe put in colour. I'll include all of these in the second one

3 levels only, easy as well

For the first level, you pretty much always lose (hit play and you could be off the path), so you have to click replay.. can't you make something like "move mouse here to start the level"

Only 3 levels isn't that great, especially when they're really easy.
You can easily cheat in this game.

The mazes are really easy as well...
Take a look at "Basic Mouse Puzzle 4", imo the best recently made mouse puzzle game. It has anti-cheat and has other elements too.

vancleff responds:

good idea! thanks man

Needs work

Well it's a good attempt, but it needs a lot of work.
1. Add some color so it looks more fun
2. Create a screen with a button to press before each level so your ready and you know where to start
3. Put in some action script so when you right-click you automatically lose
4. Add some moving crap so there's more to do

Add that shit and you have a good maze

vancleff responds:

thanks for telling me all this! i will try all of them and do all the ones i can!

Credits & Info

1.73 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2008
1:33 PM EDT
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