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Space Wing

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Edit4: Thanks for >80K access
30/7/2008: Version 1.0.2 is now on!
- Improved game speed (getting zippy)
- HP/MP restored on start of stage
- Auto cover now integrated into HP up
- MP up now affect MP regen speed
- Continue Option ! (2 credits)
- Missile upgradeable to LV 4 (Homing)
- Some bug fixes.
- Change of last boss's attack pattern.
/* Commented...@@
After this will make another shooter which preserve TOUHOU tradition.
**Now finished Stage2...Still a lot of brain cell to kill for 4 stages...**/
Thanks for the long wait, it is out!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/473185

have fun!

Edit: Thanks for make this Daily 1st, all you guy deserve a medal(?)
a 2D shooter with 90's Taste. It is a mixture of many system
(Especially the lock-on laser...^^)

Arrow Keys = Move
Z = Fire (Main, missile if any)
X = Lock on laser (Plasma Strike)

For better performance, get the local version(1.0.2, ported from online Ver.):

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I haven't seen if I can use a mouse yet but its fun!

awesome graphics, fun feel :D

I'm done and I completed it and I'm finished lolk

I will admit I didn't have good first impressions on this game... It looked bland and like an old PS1 game... I don't think you should've done the 3D Model on the title screen, but luckily I was desperate to play a 2D Space shooter so I gave this a chance...

Even though I would've liked less upgrades that were really similar to others (Especially increase MP and cut MP usage) This game is Amazing! The Bosses are fun and it did something I didn't think it would do that won me over... It felt a lot like the very first game I ever played, RaidenX

I'm sorry if this makes me a little biased because of my nostalgia... but back when I was 2 my Dad had more free time so one time he was playing a game called Raiden X and I started watching him, then he let me have a go, because I was curious, the difficulty was pretty unforgiving and I'd never played a game before so I obviously didn't do well...

This drove me to trying to beat my first game... Every day when I came back from nursery I would ask my dad to put it on and I trained and trained... When I was 3 I made it to the 2nd Boss... When I was 4 I got halfway there but got seriously stuck on level 5... When I was 5 I finally beat the game... and I found that when you beat it you restart with however many lives you finshed with, and since there was only 2 1-ups in the whole game it was usually A LOT less...Since you can save games I challenged myself to complete it 10 times in a row... When I was 6 I did just that... and finally when I was 7 I beat it 26 times in 1 run! I lost then... I barely ever played it after that and now I'm back to being stuck on level 5 XD

So since I have SOOOOOO many memories of that game and this game reminds me of it in its design (in terms of enemies) I'm probably VERY nostalgically biased, because the 1 thing I wanted Raiden X to change was to be easier... And this is DEFINITELY easier...

Sorry if I rambled on, but I love going back to those memories... Also if you're interested I played it on a website called Gamefudge... That website was a lot of my early childhood and my first experiences with video games...

great game a bit hard to see with all the shit on screen.

Just upgrade max speed then guns first the work on the rest.

Last bos was a though one but I like the fight and idea.

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2008
11:06 AM EDT