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Simon's School

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-(07/20/2008) more accurate teacher's vision
-(10/16/2008) Now, you won't get caught while on your own seat

this game is inspired by the classroom game by luksy (one of my favorites games) and has a similiar gameplay but with different controls

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i hope you like it!

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Absolute copyright! You totally copied the guy who made the classroom. Still, AWESOME!

It's a nice clone, with the students and teachers looking more than just colored balls. But three things:

1) The tutorial needs fixing. I couldn't leave for some reason even after finishing it.

2) You gave this game the WRONG rating. You gave it an Everyone's rating, but there's strong language in it. This is a good way to get into some trouble.

3) THERE'S NO ENDING! I went back to the second test after that double teacher level. Fix that too. (Also, lol Nice one.)

Aside from that, yeah, like everyone else said, you didn't just made a clone of The Classroom, you practically did the "George Lucas" move and copied almost everything. (And yes, Lucas used to do that. And still did with the prequels.) But at least you didn't say you've thought of it and gave a shout out to The Classroom. Which is the only reason why I'm not going to be an a** to you about it. Just watch it next time. Is all I'm saying.

copy wright STRAIGHT up lyk who ever dont agree with me this is pretty much the classroom if u notice n im not sure i think their is three places that the nerd sits is the same as in the class room plus the teacher moves the same direction as in the class room in level 4 its oh most the same thing exept in the classroom the teacher goes back n fourth in the 3 rd level n occasionaly look around the classroom but this is pretty much a ripoff only thing i lyk is u use the space bar other than the mouse i lyk that cuz i used 2 get cramps using the mouse but the one thing i fucking hate is wen u get 2 the double teacher part wen u get caught u gotta go way back 2 the begining wtf im gonna say this 2 u with all the respect i can FUCK U

Nice game and all, but...

You may possibly want to spend a little more time debugging your own games. I love the creativity that happens in the later half of the game, but I've fallen victim to a couple of glitches that seem to have gone unnoticed. On the 8th test, if you pass, you automatically skip on to the final test. If you get caught, you automatically go to the 9th test, and that's the end. On the final test, if you get caught, you're automatically sent back to the 1st day. If you pass on the final test, you're sent back to the 2nd day rather than the ending.

Also, I would recommend putting stopAllSounds(); on every journal scene simply because the music plays nonstop if you enter in a password.

All in all, nice little game here.

Dude you copeyed the guy that made the classroom

why do you get caught when your in your own seat?that is stupid it would be better i would actually give 7 stars if you would make it so you don't get caught in your own seat.