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here is episode one of my series, kraft, for those who saw the opening theme, thanks for the comments. the audio, didn't go exactly as planned neighter did the text. but anyway it's a start, i hope you fun watching as i had making it. and please stay turned for part b. won't promise much but will i'll seriously try and do my best.



that was amazing. keep it up it looks like it could turn out to be a very popular series. the only tip i can think of is try to make the caracters talk without the word balloons, that would me awsome. please keep it up. and i cant wait to see the next one.

threassance responds:

yeah nium, you're right, but i have a tinny girl voice ( lol) so i'm planning with my pal atari ( actually he gave me the idea) on making a better and more interresting test box. thnks :)

kick @$$

Very nice man, vary nice.
First off really glad to finally see the first of what I'm sure will be an awesome series.

Now down to business. The title screen music was a great choice I really liked it and felt that the over all music score was a good choice.
I love how fluid and smooth the movement during the fight scenes were, in both the characters and the FX (explosions, dust clouds, cracks) you get the point.
The colours were bright and vibrant and they really caught the eye.

Not much negative I can say about it... buuuuut the walking animation needed some work, and in the next episode I'd have more character development.
For example, in each episode you could explain something about a specific characters back story, and by the end of the series the viewers would know what each person's story is within the story.

Over all it was fun to watch and I can't wait for the next, great job and good luck.
Cheers =)

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threassance responds:

wow, thanks you're awesome. your character describtion idea is great, im certainly gonna apply it. don't worry for i'm making it a big series, so stay tune to see and know more of what i have in for the series. thanks for seeing the movie. :D and commenting.

love it!!!!

i totally love it!!! the hair animation is so cool...and the yellow guy really looks like vegeta...thats why i like him! the text sometimes was too small and sometimes it went away too fast... oh and there is a part at the beginning where the music stops...i think there you should have it to continue... keep it up! i-m waiting for part 2!!! Alex

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threassance responds:

yeah, you're right about the song. i hope on working on it alot. so watch out for the next part. thanks alex


did u base this off of dragon ball z? i loved it but the yellow guy reminded me of vegita by the way he spoke and how he crossed his arms and also by creating the cyber-loms like saiba men from the show and how he destroyed the gillion just like nappa.... loved it tho!

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threassance responds:

Now that you say it. i noticed how right you are. even though i actually didn't think of those stuff while i was making it. i guess it's because i've got alot of dbz ideas flowing through my brain. :D

Isn't Kraft a tasty snack. . .?

The flash, at first, I thought was going to be a DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) ripoff. Thank heavens I was wrong. I didn't take time to read the script going down at the start screen but that didn't make the movie become. . .Uh. . .Less entertaining. Yeah. All the graphics actually looked extremely professional for stick figures. The performance of the graphics were really. . .Just crazy. In a good way, I mean. Hands down, the movie was great and I 'sorta' caught onto the story just by watching it. Keep it up, because as soon as I saw that guy like, hit the other guy, I was all; This guy's gonna be a successful flash artist. Except more in my mind, because that'd be a little freaky if I said it out loud. Keep up the good work!

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threassance responds:

thanks alot. i'll try to do the best i can. stay tune to the series.

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