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PhoneFun: Angry Janitor

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I don't care if you vote bad but this is the funniest thing i've ever seen. Oh boohoo I didn't have animation. Well I've submitted many times and had animation in them so give me a break.

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This shit is fucking hilarious! Good old days...

Haha, yeah pretty good.

I think its a little harsh he tells 'willy' to get a real job, i mean.. someone's gotta do it.

cant...... laugh any more thats to funny!

o man thats great i have tears in my eyes no lol that janitores voice was funny as shit lol keep up the good work o and it would have been funnyer if you put an animation of the two people talking on the phone well 10 thumbs up :)

It needed a movie to go with it.

It was just a sound clip of a prank phonecall, there was no movie whatsoever just text, you really should have made a movie to go with it because this was just a really pointless submission as there was nothing going on in it, you should have either made a movie to go with it or just not bothered submitting it as you were basically just submitting a sound clip to Newgrounds and not a flash movie, what's worse is the fact that the sound clip wasn't even yours, so it was basically stealing. The sound wasn't even of a good quality and it was kind of hard to make sense of some of it. The reason I've given you a 0 for humour is because the sound clip wasn't yours as well as it being not at all funny, shit jokes aren't funny, they never were and they never will be.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Very! Very! Funny...

You'll laugh your ass off.