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This is a rather short short, though I actually haven't spent this much time on a Flash since Jackanapes (I started last week), and most of the time spent on that one was voice acting-related. I obviously went for a more realistic look this time around.

Also, see if you can guess the subtext. :D And oh yeah, it's about dinosaurs.


Nicely done

It is interesting when people submit flashes that are simply what life used to be. I think this is a pretty realistic interpretation of the cretaceous period. Of course, it's been forever since I read about that stuff so I do not know if this is accurate. What is cool is that you manage to put such good designs on the creatures. As for the subtext, maybe it was something about Isreali-Palestinian relationships? That's been going on for so long it could be applied to really anything, you know.

The animation was fairly good, but it does seem a bit old by modern standards. The best part was how you tried to get rid of any bullcrap and just went for the nitty-gritty dinosaur story. No talking dinosaurs, no crazy effects, just authentic stuff. I was disappointed it did not go on longer. When I was a kid, I was just the biggest fan of dinosaurs there ever was.

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kickass movie dude! the big green dino rocked


you could do alot better . it wasn't nothing special and didn't need such a long comment from the author


well i was going to say it was alittle short but lol that was before i read your coments it was pretty decnt i liked it alot

Breath taking

This is amazing i love it, the audio goes RIGHT on track with the movie, and the graphics are cartoony and yet detailed to show its seriousness i gave you a 5/5 but a 9/10 because of very very subtle sloppyness you mentioned you made many layors for each character... that's a good and bad move.. good because it makes it easier to animate ... bad idea cuz unless you perfectly aligen them in the animation then there is a very subtle bumpyness of each bodypart corespoding to the layor it's on... other then that IT ROCKED

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Jul 18, 2008
4:48 PM EDT
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