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Ryu vs. Ken

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This isn't my first street fighter fan vid i've done. all are at www.c65.deviantart.com
This is the first one i've done with lifebars and sfx for the fighters! i'll admit im not as good as some of the animators here but hey its a start. i apologize..i have no icon and i hope they overlook it...no load screen so it'll jump right into the action.

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its good and all

but i didnt watch all of it. its not that it sucked it was very good ill give u full everything its just that my computer is crap and needs to fall in a well and get AIDS so itll just get finished off with its other 3114 viruses aka theyre not from me from my little brother anyway im goin off topic so ya it was great

Fuking sprites!

when will people learn that sprites are shit :(

yea u animated everything and all hats of to you, but it still sucked. Next time try animateing everything urself!

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

your opinions are duly noted. Im just an experimenter. i have big hopes of animating something using my original art. but until that time you'll have to deal with this. if you disliked it i apologize. i cannot help one man's feelings toward something i have no control over.


no way... bad animation... same music form SF vs MK 3... pointless dialogue... bad quality
and i could continue like that all over... Try to be more original and put more effort in your flash movie next time

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

SF vs MK 3? is it good? of course its bad. when you only have 3 days a week and 3 hours to work on it you'd might say different...it was deadlined...i had to move on. like i said. im teaching myself the many wonders of this program.

good work

i think this was a good sprite animation, the fight scene was very well done

now onto the criticism

it needed a loading screen, most viewers wont take animations seriously if it doesnt have a loading screen

try and develop a little bit more of a story, i know how it feels wanting to go straight to the action but hold off on it a bit

leave the text on the screen a little bit longer, it was a little bit hard to read when it flashed by so quickly

other than those few points it was a very well made animation, i can see you have a lot of potential,
good work

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

noted. i have much work to do...i'll admit that this is way better then what i use to do.


do you saw MK vs. SF 3? your flash have the same music, and SF characters. But its still good flash 7 from me, I'm waiting for new one (hope the better)

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

i just did and its strange indeed. The song i used was called Hall of Fate ...the one used there is called Hall of Fate~ Ressurection. its longer and more smooth.

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4.26 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2008
5:30 AM EDT