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This is my first animation submission ever so it isn't that great.

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Well, if it's your first...

If it's only your first flash, it was good! What I can say is that it lacked music/SFX. Just some simple audio would hve improved the overall quality. Also, the animation could have been smoother. With some more key frames and some audio, this could be pretty good! But still, this is a really good first attempt :)

For a first...

It's pretty good. Keep it up and you can get some better stuff done. Definitely try and work on filling in more so that it runs a little more smoothly. And I just loved the ending.

pretty good!

hey, that was pretty good! you had different sets of layers, a common theme and overall story, and this is really good for a first work! just a few tips for ya-i know it's hard work, but add more frames and increase the Frames per second rate. this will make the flash smoother to watch and will give it a little more of a professional look. also, for the stick figure guy, don't draw him out freestyle, use straight lines. if youve watched any of the Xiao Xiao series, you'll see each imb is perfectly straight, and there's a tool for that. Each limb should be a separate frame, but keep it organized. COLOR! many have said this, and don't be afraid to throw in some grass or blue skies, or even clouds (animate the clouds if you want). and last thing, lets try and get some music and a play button in there. i know there's a way to insert a layer for just a music clip, and there's a page on NG where you can get button for your flash. anyway, take these points into consideration and make an improved version of this, i'll be looking forward to it!

bunker2 responds:

Thank you and yea i could of used some more grahics like a backround and stuff. And i agree the FPS was very slow, i was trying to put frames in between but i screwed it up. Good thing i saved a copy just incase or i wouldnt be able to put it up. Thanks again for the advice!

Not bad,

but not good. You got no extreme complaints from me here. It was a good attempt at frame-by-frame, is all I can say. You could have made the animation a bit smoother, though. It's a lot better than my first animation, I but completely no time or effort into it, lol. All I did was a stick figure slide across the screen, this tops mine. Keep up the effort, and don't let tet people push you down even if you knew one of your animations suck. If that happens, and it gets deleted, just laugh about it. Anyways, just make your animations smoother and they will be fine.



Keep it up.

Although i blammed it, since stuff like that doesn't belong on NG (that's what dA is for), I totally support you in flash man. It's tough in the beginning, I remember way back when. Hell i still suck now.

Keep it up, and even though this might not be the best, it's something, and if you keep making more you'll develop techniques and stuff.

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Jul 16, 2008
1:57 PM EDT
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