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Capsules 347 levels!

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I know 347 level is a kind of marathon and it is not fun anymore. But some people might like the challenge. Your progress should be saved if you played the previous 138 levels version.

(type abracadabra to unlock)

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omg idiots!!!

seriously, if you cant work out how to play this game, you must have problems or something. the game itself is challenging but i think a tutorial is unecessary. amazing game though it could use some music.


where to begin. no instructions, no tutorial, no possible way to figure this game out and an annoying "level failed" every time i try to do anything? you, sir, have conquered the art of making a BAD game. i dont care if it gets 10s over and over. if you cant make a good game that people like me actualy understand then its pointless. i gave it my best shot to play this game and like it, but i failed.

in other words, it needs instructions or a tutorial or something


Phenomenal Game, Really unique the puzzles are very, very challenging but in an addictive way I'm stuck a mere seven in, I will come back and try again thought with a clear mind lol. Excellent game and the lack of a soundtrack somehow adds to the intensity of the difficulty, really excellent.

10, but...

Wow, 437 levels :S The difficulty is enjoyable. It's great that you can unlock all the levels, but I think there's really no point locking them in the first place. On the other hand, the level list scrolls really slowly. It's a pain to get around the levels. Also you could have excluded the levels already found on your previous uploads imo =D


Despite how much you tried to mix things up, it's generally boring and irritating to play.

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2008
8:57 AM EDT