Little Fighter Alpha Ch.9

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Thank you to all all those who remember the LFA series after such a long time and everyone else who watched it.

Also special thanks to NG and Tom for putting this on the front page.

- -

The Little Fighters are on their way to face one of their greatest adversaries, Firen.

After almost 3 years of waiting, the long awaited Little Fighter Alpha series continues.

In Chapter 7 Bat gets killed in an epic battle against Louis Ex and his army. In the previous chapter, the newly formed group of Little Fighters fought against Freeze, believing that they have defeated him.

*In this chapter, Woody, Henry and a group of monks go in search for Firen, one of their most dangerous adversaries. A great and epic battle will occur, along with a twist.*

I would recommend that you watch all the previous chapters before watching this; otherwise you won't get what is going on, and won't have as great of an experience. Even if you don't watch the previous chapters you can still enjoy the great fight scenes that made this series a big hit.

Please leave a review. I'll respond to all your reviews! All reviews are greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave any suggestions on how we can make greater improvements for the next chapter.

*Chapter 10 is in process, and is scheduled to be released by the end of summer.*

Thanks for watching.

-MaxR & Anzrage


Good job

It's the best one right now. And i liked the music from Naruto too

MaxR responds:

Haha, thanks! I like the music from Naruto as well!

A huge improvement

I honestly watched the first chapter and did not think it was so great. However, the flash skills and storyline has immensely improved up to this chapter. I look forward to chatper 10. The Woody fight was so far the best one out of this series.

It makes me want to go back and play LF2 again now....be right back.

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MaxR responds:

Thanks! I try to improve as the series progresses. I do not want to disappoint! Ch.10 and now Ch.11 is out :)

How did I miss this?

This totally flew under my radar for almost a year. How I missed it, I'll never know.

Music transitions are crappy. Needs less fade in/out, and more time to play. The song gets revved up, I'm getting excited for the battle ahead, and before I know it, the song dies out and transitions to another scene. This happens --every. single. time.--

The story also seems rather lacking. I remember reviewing this years ago, saying the episodes are getting shorter, and you were saying you were being kinder to the 56k users out there, but your series has finally gotten stale.

Your episodes now feel like this: Fight scene, transition, fight scene, obligatory plot twist(s) out of nowhere, cliffhang.

Your fight scenes are still superb, but you definitely need more work elsewhere. Your plot twists seem to be thrown in just for the sake of having a plot twist. Put some more effort in the storyline, and this serious will improve loads.

MaxR responds:

I don't blame ya, It did took me 3 years to release Ch.9 since Ch.8
Sorry for the bad edits, I noticed this myself over the years and your suggestion helped when I created Ch.10, less music transitions now :)
Thanks for your suggestion on the story line too, in honesty I started making this series to supplement my fight scenes, but there's so much potential in the story line as well. In Ch.10 and Ch.11 I hope you see such improvements.

I should have written this before!

Hey man, this serie is simple awesome, I live in Brazil, and even my non english speakers friends loved it a lot...
I wanna thank you for the other animations that you made(i had a really good time with them ahuahauhauh)
Like the others I keep waiting the others EPs but with no sort of compromise of courese, I know how could be hard to do a animation of this great lvl you're doing here!
Regards from Brazil....

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MaxR responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you and your friends like it. It's always nice to see fans from accross the globe. Thank you for your understanding of the amount of work it takes to make this animations, but I do the best I can to finish this series! :)

NEW BEST 1 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



MaxR responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the fight!

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