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Edit: The title of the flash has been changed. It is now "Streets Of Rage intro." Also please note that I am still experimenting with Macromedia at this time.

Hello, its been a while since last flash so here's a sprite movie I'm doing of Streets Of Rage. This is just a teaser trailer and ep.1 wil be uploaded eventually after I've finished it. Please be contrusctive and refrain from any negative comments as I won't have them.

Streets Of Rage is copyright of sega and music is copyright of Yuzo Koshiro.


Teaser, eh?

It looked more like an introduction than a teaser. Pretty much nothing was shown, besides a series of short story-building paragraphs, each describing a generic story. It starts from nowhere, doesn't situate us, and says: "Mister X. = city in danger.", and the line after it says: "The city pleads for help to end this madness". We have no idea where or when it happened, or how. Quite annoyingly, you left 10 seconds for each 20 word paragraph, and the thing had quite a lot of slides, so you ended up getting bored rather quickly, in the absence of a "skip" button. It then continued with more slides, and ended.

Quite honestly, your teaser failed to provide the required element to bear its name correctly. It did not tease me. You didn't show any action, only story slides, so I'm not really looking forward to the first episode. I assume it was only an intro to get the story out of the way and skip to the fighting straightaway when the real adventure starts.

Well, I think it would have been better to invent a story with your own characters and ideas, but since it's a sprite movie you're making, ok.

On the bright side, the choice of music was excellent and thesubject seems rather interesting. I've never seen a Streets of Rage flash before, so there you go. Amaze me.

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Stan111 responds:

Wow, never expect a big review of this. Thanks.
Yes I'll admit, it was more of an intro than it was a teaser although you're right that I could have put more action into it. But I'm still experimenting with Flash 8, so the first ep WILL be better. Promise. ;)

oh yea

because i have this game and i love it

I've seen better movies

Man why are the figures in this movie so small, they could at least have been bigger.

And there is no background, or the main menu have a background but the fight does not and that is pretty bad. You could have making them fight in a city or something it dosen't have to be well drawed.

There could also been some more figures, but at least the TWO figures there where was very good. 3/10

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Stan111 responds:

I was actually wondering why the sprites were so small in the flash myself really. XD
I don't know how that happened, but hopefully it should be improved for ep1.


I really hope you don't make this. The opening proved to be bad already. Then it pops up saying some 90's Streets of Rage game. The story also seems very blank.
Please make something else that is... well, better.

Stan111 responds:

The dialogue said "find it in....." then Streets Of Rage pops up to tell you the name of the flash. Get it now?
Also, if you don't want me to do the first episode then you can hardly expect me to do something better.

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Jul 15, 2008
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