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Don't Panic!
This is not a very challenging game. It's just an interactive toy. Something to make the way more important then the target. No bad guys to kill and no hoops to jump through.
The sounds are taken from a new album I made as Cherly KaCherly called "Drop a 4 note Soundtrack". The images and the air telescope are taken from the animation movie I made called "Drop".
The movie is not online, but the album is free to download (or stream) through Birdsong netlabel( http://birdsong.co.il ) under Creative Commons.
Enjoy and remember: Slower is better.
Front page!! A year after the game came out. Thanks


its fucking 6 'o' clock...

and I like it its nice little game for alcoholist like me¨

help me cuz i dont get it

i realy dont
im so confused wat r the concepts

lol...that was whack....

but it was pretty cool.


that was like totally awsome.
Have soooo many questios though. Probaly wont read thios review for resposnese so could u pm me?:
1. How did u actually Make that. (just got flash TOADY, freakin confused by anthing more'n animation.)
2. Nice album

nir responds:

I used flash 4, because I like that version (easier on the animation use) and flipped to flash 6 only to put the newgrounds preloader.
The music with the animation in sync is at name movie clips. the first frame is empty named "0" with "stop" in it and the music + animation is a frame named "1" at the end of the loop there's "goto and play frame named "1"".
the action on the invisible buttons is "tell target (instant name) goto label name "1" and play.
Very primitive and simple.
Drawings with freehand10 and pencils and music with guitar and lots of pieces I found on the multitrack of the album so it's only parts and bits. The album is only 4 notes so every piece of it can go on top of the other and stay harmonic.

Cool :3

The content of the flash was fantastic, but I had kinda no idea what was going on at first, make a main menu and explain it. (I like games that make me say "Wtf?" though :3)


NG really does have the highest ass standards ever. I have no clue how this system works. O.o

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Jul 15, 2008
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