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Hay Wars

rated 4.28 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Jul 15, 2008 | 5:39 PM EDT

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    Star Wars A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Author Comments


It looks like a lot of people liked this! If you do then I would appreciate it if you would recommend it to the Star Wars collection!


A small Star Wars movie that I made one time when at my friends house. We added special effects with LS Maker. When watching it make sure to stay tuned for the credits to see some extra clips that we had taken and didn't use for the original movie. Not counting those clips there are three scenes. Please no comments like this isn't a flash or this doesn't belong here because obviously some of the stuff was made in flash and there isn't a rule anywhere that says a movie on newgrounds has to be made in flash to be submitted. I will respond to everyones reviews.


The music and sound effects are credited in the credits of the movie along with where we got them from.


Actors - Corky52 / PlsurUCantMeshur / PlsurUCantMeshur's Brother

The actors are explained in the credits of the movie also.


Special thanks to Yoshi77777 for putting on the icon, pre-loader, and the replay button for me.

Also, a special thanks to my girlfriend, FroFro52, for coming up with the title of the flash.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It seems to be kind of odd in a way, there doesn't seem to be too much point shown in the whole thing, no real build up or anything, some opening diolog between the two people being filmed would have been good to see and not really starting right into shooting. The shooting animation is decent and does seem to look like it's coming from the guns which is good.

The ending is probably the funniest part about this I have to say, much of the rest just seems more like a silly video, so I'm not really so keen on those parts, they where kind of lacking in my view. But otherwise, everything else here seemed to be fine, just need to expand the idea a little more I think.



= Review Request Club =

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Fro responds:

I really can't expand the idea when the idea was for us to shoot at each other for a little bit and then that's it, meaning the whole point of the flash was there wasn't a point in the flash. Who exactly said there had to be a point? If there was then well over half of the flashes on newgrounds wouldn't be here.

Oh and the lasers were actually coming from the gun, they were real. But seriously I give credit to my friend for doing the laser parts because you have to draw each individual laser and then draw where it's going to end up and draw every where in between. That takes awhile and there isn't any short cuts.

There probably won't be another one of these unless I personally get my own camera, which I might be getting and then I will put together something, but honestly it can't be too big because you saw how short this was and it still took up 5 MB. It seems like live action takes up more space then animation. I rather stick to shorts like this, but maybe put a story line into the next ones and make a series. Again, that probably won't be done. My friend is actually coming over tonight and we are making a new movie, but sadly it won't have any animation in it except for the menu will. It's not a starwars movie either.

Thanks for the review.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hahaha this made my day :)

Even if it's just another spin off, that was very good!
I loved the special effects and the music choice, mixed up very well. The tittle of the movie at first is weird and doesn't make any sense :/ But when you watch the movie, you don't only get it, you also have a nice LOL. Say to your girlfriend the name was genius XD .
The comedy of the movie is simple, but funny enough to make you laugh or entertain you. Thumbs up on that.
Conclusion: Nice movie guys :)

Voting details:
Voted 5: 3.82 / 5.00 (+ 0.0078)

Note: It would have been awesome if you tried to make smaller the size of the movie (at least 600x450) the resolution of the movie would be a lot better. But it's just a suggestion, still is awesome :)


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Fro responds:

Thanks for the advice. She said, duh because I'm amazing. Thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


that made my day!

corky, i cracked up at you getting shot in the back!

I think you pointed out the worst thing in the star wars franchise:

they cant aim!!! Isnt there soberety tests anymore???

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Fro responds:

Thanks for the great, funny review! I'm happy you liked it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lol worthy

I hate the term Lol, it's been pissing me off for years as people just use it for things they don't even find entertaining. However, this movie merrits a Lol because it made me do just that - Laugh Out Loud.

I think the length is great, any more of the same type of thing would have gotten a little boring, and I think it wraps up very nicely at the end. The fighting either side of the Hay Bail(sp?) really made me smile, it was a simple joke but it was timed perfectly and a great fall by the guy getting hit with the purple cannon. Kudos to the guy who fell over with the Camera too! The special effects were really good too.

All in all I'd say this is a great piece of work from all involved.

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Fro responds:

Oh, so you liked how I got shot in the back huh? Thanks a lot, it's nice to know that people like to see me get shot. Ha, joking of course. I'm happy that you enjoyed it and that it made you laugh. I'm hoping to get another movie out pretty soon, but it's not star wars related. If you enjoyed this then feel free to Recommend it to the star wars collection. Thanks for the review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A great spoof of Star wars

This is a very funny spoof of Star Wars, i now understand. Why its called Hay Wars after ,seeing it twice very clever idea

Graphics. 7/10 This looks very good im not giving ,this mark because its a film and not flash. As you say its fine to have non flash movies. The look is great the lazor bits ,are very good. Funny and the looke is grand. The problem was the detail did not seem, very clear th,e film looks blurry no offensive. The overeall look is good.

Sound. 8/10 The star wars music is wicked, and very good. I liked the tune playing as you had, to have it in there. Sometimes the voices seemed ,to be not that clear.

Humor.7/10 I loved the opening credits they were funny ,and so true about Star Wars. The hay theme is great, the falling over and whole comedy elements. Are strong. The ending is a giggle. The whole thing whilst ,not all funny is pretty good.

The whole movie whilst not that long remains, funny and the whole thing. Is done is such a silly manner ,as to entertain you. Thats you in the movie right? I really liked this as it a good spoof, and the credits are so good.

The slight snag is its to short which was a shame. Also as i said before the ,graphics are a little hard to make out.

Overeall a very good spoof i hope to see more.

review request club.

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Fro responds:

What a great review.

Yeah, I know the film was bad. One thing that I'm going to try to get is a better quality camera. That should improve the quality just a little for any further videos.

I'm happy you enjoyed the sound. I do agree that the voices weren't clear, but again the camera wasn't too great and we were kind of far away from the camera so it didn't pick our voices up too good. It may be a good idea to over dub voices in the situation next time.

I'm happy you thought it was funny. That's what we were going for. We wanted to implement the simple humor into our movie.

Yes that is me in the video. I'm the short haired guy.

I will try to make my next movie longer also.

Thanks for your helpful review and your kind words.