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Intruder Returns

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Hi all!
2008 marks as my 8th movie. I am very excited to present my latest flash: Intruder Returns. Enjoy the show, write your reviews and of course: vote high! All constructive critique and new ideas are welcome. Make sure to check out the Extras section. A big thanks goes to Tom, all users and friends for their feedback.

SOME BACKGROUND: After huge fan feedback and sequel demands I started
working on it in late August 2007. Last three months were very intense and filled with super hard all-day work and finally I can present my film. It is all here again: my "motion capture" and traced animations, shadows, glow, heat warps, motion blur, detailed backgrounds, weapons and characters. This time it's almost twice the length and 10 times better in terms of quality. I focused on atmosphere users loved from the first one and crazy action from second.
My aim was to make a flash that is among the best in terms of graphics and animation quality. Unfortunately during the development I have found out that some scenes are literally unwatchable(2-3 fps from 30) because flash player performance sucks. That is why I have to submit a render. Sorry for the size, I did my best to squeeze it, anyways it's worth the wait.


-thank you all for a great score, reviews and PM's, the trophies make me proud, it made it into 2008 Flash Portal history and even it was #1 of all time for 3 days! I couldn't be any happier
-to clear some opinions there are no tweens in character animation
-my site is up and running again, join the forums to have some influence on my work: www.mmankt.boo.pl
-Intruder The Game is coming - no animated sequel planned
-I'm working on a new story-based action series - more info soon!

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Holy gosh thats the prettiest 2008 flash animation, still feels a little rough but its impressive seeing your skills have improved alot over the time, loved the music too

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The animation was vastly improved, and the movements were quite fluid. The characters also looked more realistic, and action scenes were more satisfying. Great submission.

I was quite impressed by this. At first, I thought it was going to be like "Madness Combat". I guess everyone just assumes that on this website. I guess it was with the roundness of their heads. Well, most heads are naturally round. This ended up being entertaining in its own right.

I admit to not liking it as much as most voters. It wasn't that unique. Still, it was something. The atmosphere was well done. Oh yeah, it was the lack of color that reminded me of Madness Combat.

very awesome !!

much wow such rekt much gud >:3

(Now older i find what i wrote those years ago were cringy)