Prequel: The Sociopath

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Well I had a lot of trouble making this flash. It is a short, again, but I worked really hard on it as one should always do. I had a huge problem when making the fbf scene, the timing got really messed up and I lost a lot of wok hours. Therefore, I had to shorten that part a bit.

The sound was also giving me problems, as it was appearing unsynchronized throughout the movie, I finally sorted that out though. Hopefully this also passes the portal. I learned a lot and grew as an animator while making this movie.

This movie is a prequel to my first one, "The Sociopath". It tells the story of why Jeff, the angry sociopath in the first movie, is so.... well.... angry. Enjoy, and I hope this passes!

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good animation and my vote pushed it up to 3.03


Thanks man!


that was soooooo funny it really tells what he did before he ran that poor kid over.


Sure does! :P

Showing definite signs of improvement

I watched your first flash to get a base of your flash skills, and by judging what you did with your first one, I can tell you that you're definitely improving. My question is, however, are these guys dwarfed? They're unproportioned from the background. It's really noticeable when the couch is almost three times the size of your characters. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but to me that just looks really odd. The animation was actually pretty good too, and as mentioned before it seems as if it has improved over your first flash. The fight scene shows that you did a bit of work on your animation this time, and it's also good how this flash explains the events on the first flash you made. It's a good prequel as it portrays what is going on. You're an up and coming flash artist, but I see a brighter future ahead if you improve more like this. To me, this second flash of yours was a great improvement over your first, and I think that if you keep going down the road of improvement that you're on, you might end up making some grade A flash in the future. This is a pretty good effort on your part, and, as mentioned, a good improvement over your last flash. My only suggestions is that in your next flash you watch background to character proportions and, if possible, use spoken dialogue. If that isn't possible, that's cool, just make your words come up as more of a subtitle instead of a complete cut away scene. It takes away from possible action going on. Overall, you did better than before.

Rating: 7/10
Score: 4/5


Thanks a lot man. I'll watch the proportions next time! I see myself as doing flash for the rest of my life, so you can expect more from me down the road. Thanks a lot for the review!


didnt find that funny nice BG btw

It's okay

You could try having the text be an actual part of the animation rather than a screen inserted into it. The environment art was not bad, though. You can improve, and I'd like to see it.


I'm always looking to improve, thanks for the review. I was going to do that, but there wasn't a lot of text to integrate so I figured I would just do that. Plus no one would voice act for me lol.

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3.40 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2008
3:03 PM EDT
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