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Eulogy For 'AMV hell entry OLD ASS 1'

This entry was blammed by our users.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

07-15-08 – 05-09-11

Author Comments

Jack said he was me and uploaded this AGAIN thats it im putting a spike on my accoutn so if anyone but me trys to ge on it there PC gets fried



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not for here

yes you may get good marks on youtube but not on newgrounds this is for flash only and people actually voice acting like phoenix wrong and avatar BD so if you take of the music and make a funny joke with voice acting i may vote higher


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this is just creepy.

and you couldn't have drawn this. this is abviously that crappy nauruto show and music from Fairly Odd Parents. nice try.


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Digging the hole deeper, eh?

Such a bright response! Ignoring the obvious fact that, again, you supposedly told them not to credit you, that name is still in the credits. But fair enough. Since you're Spookzster, go ahead. Submit "You Are a Pirate" here on Newgrounds, then. After all, it was a big hit on YouTube, correct? Perfect five-star rating even after almost 200,000 views, a hard accomplishment to match. I'm sure NG viewers will love it too. Or are you too afraid of being crushed under the weight of your lies at this point? You've shown enough cowardice to back out after Cacti confronted you about the things you stole from him, so puff up your chest a bit and silence me with some proof... Namely, the successful submission of the aforementioned work. In its original quality, naturally!


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1. The song is out of sync.
2. All that blank space, do something with it.
3. To short.
4. I don't beleive you made it.


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hey assholes,

this accualy made it 2 amv hell, so u try 2 get somthing in amv hell!


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Except it didn't.

This made it into that AMV, sure. But this one didn't create the segment, hence his updated video comment. We even had the original author in here posting about how this was taken without consent, but sadly the modbots ate it. Mind you, the original author and several fans have filed complaints about this and other works that this user has taken (see Breakin Sasuke and Kakuzu's Talent, where the descriptions themselves admit that this user didn't actually animate his flashes). I wish NewGrounds would do something about this, but nothing so far.


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