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Blast the bubbles before they pop! To blast, click bubbles to form connecting lines. Complete your loop to blast all the connected bubbles.

The first few levels are easy, but for a challenge try and beat 1,500,000 points, or to get past level 25!

The game is pretty simple in concept. Bubbles form on the screen and start to grow, they turn red and then pop. You must click on the bubbles to form lines between them. Your lines should not cross, and you should not click on a bubble that has already been selected, if it was not your first bubble selected. You must form a loop. When you do so the bubbles are 'blasted' and you score points.

The first bunch of levels are there to help you get used to the concept, after level 12 the difficulty starts to ramp up.


too difficult

not quite as easy as i anticipated, but a game is a game.

I'm glad you didn't win any awards.

This game was so dumb. I hated the music, the gameplay, and the 70's homosexual look to it, not that I have anything against gays.

3 points for the concept though.

its cool

fun but needs to be more accurate becase i swear my lines wouldnt have crassed if it wasnt fot the game saying soo

Big strategy

Tough, but good work!

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time killer

Its pretty fun to waste a little time and get some scoring gratification. You should change the background color so the connector lines are easier to see and you should include some sort of enemy or distraction.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
11:23 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other