Pandemic II

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Big News: Pandemic 2.5 is in development for iPhones everywhere! Find out more on my site!

Finally after months of development and balancing and testing, Pandemic II is here! I've tried my very best to ensure the game has surpassed the original in every possible way. Now its up to you to evolve your disease, infect mankind and kill them all!

**updated to version 1.16: bug fixes and tweaks based on user reviews**

Online guide and tutorial videos are available from with in the game, and it is HIGHLY recommended you watch the video tutorials.

edit: Thanks to the staff of NEWGROUNDS for the front page!!

Special thanks to the great guys at Crazy Monkey Games for sponsorship. And special thanks to Globex Designs for the music. Developed by Dark Realm Studios.


Nice game. Made my group's best Timekiller list.

Cool concept, but I don't like the vector model. If the remaining countries have healthy people and all they do is close the borders, its not going to help against the rodents and insects. You always end up with a few immune countries. Besides, once the droughts and earthquakes hit, you would think the containment measures would be less effective. Especially since when the dying starts there will be throngs of people pushing to get into the healthy zone. All those military people holding the border of an infected region? Well, they're not just going to lay down and die of painful butt-sores. They're going to invade the healthy places. Madagascar wouldn't last 20 seconds.

Anyway, I was frustrated because the concept was cool, and it just didn't go far enough for me. Keep workin!

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Pretty nice

But there is a very annoying bug.

If you don't start in Madagascar but somewhere else, there is a very low to no chance to get it infected. I tried it around 10 times, with different approaches and a lot of time and indepth strategy, but it just won't. That's -1

The borders really annoy me. the whole Caribbean is called Cuba. The northern and most of the eastern part is called Peru. Mexico has all the central american countries. Eastern Europe's borders are innaccurate. There's no corsica, while there is sardinia. Sicily is merged with Italy. You could seperate Indochina from China, and Scandinavia from Eastern Europe. -2 for that one.

The rest is excellent and well-made.

Did what Zaxterion suggested and get Madagascar muahahahahaah thx a lot!!!

good game

quite a good game but takes a long time

who is NOHISCORE4U!! he has filled up the whole high score thing

Great Game, Needs A Tweak

Definitely has the makings of something great, but it could really use a tweak or two. Not everything seems to reasonable. For instance, I have used points on maxing the resistance to heat, and leaving cold at the lowest setting, but the disease will still frequently spread to areas like Canada and Russia long before hitting the tropics. This doesn't seem to make much sense.

Of course, this complicates getting the disease to everyone's favorite island, Madagascar. You can't seem to make a disease which will spread to there quickly without hitting every other region in the world first and causing a global meltdown. As soon as one person in New Zealand has a moist fart, Madagascar shuts down its seaport.

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