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Pandemic II

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Jul 14, 2008 | 4:57 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 14, 2008
  • Weekly Users' Choice July 16, 2008
  • Daily Feature July 15, 2008

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Author Comments

Big News: Pandemic 2.5 is in development for iPhones everywhere! Find out more on my site!

Finally after months of development and balancing and testing, Pandemic II is here! I've tried my very best to ensure the game has surpassed the original in every possible way. Now its up to you to evolve your disease, infect mankind and kill them all!

**updated to version 1.16: bug fixes and tweaks based on user reviews**

Online guide and tutorial videos are available from with in the game, and it is HIGHLY recommended you watch the video tutorials.

edit: Thanks to the staff of NEWGROUNDS for the front page!!

Special thanks to the great guys at Crazy Monkey Games for sponsorship. And special thanks to Globex Designs for the music. Developed by Dark Realm Studios.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn islands..

its a realy good game, its just impossebol for me to beat it, because of the islands.
to make it better you could make it so that each land or area, has its own ressources, fx food, and then another area doesnt have it, and if you then wipe out all other areas or close the airports and sea, they will die by then selves. and then when the vaccine is developed it has to "spead" to (i mean, i think its unfair that the vaccine can get to america when ive made then close all airports and sea and hospitals!), and they had to find ressources to make it.

and then maybe you could make it so that areas send nukes to nuke the infekted areas like in the movies and stuff.

Overall its an awesome game !


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game but...

Great game, i loved the first one despite how basic it is.

You really cracked it ont he first one, simple game yet highly addictive. This of course is no different.

this i a top end game in almost all meanings of the words. Except one thing.

For a game that has all these features, and so well developed, why the fuck wouldnt you have a quality changer.

Some of us arent lucky enough to have good PC's :( And im trying to enjoy your game but am experiencing pretty severe lag.

Im not going to rate you down for my shit pc though, so i give you 8/10 and 5/5. Id give 8.5 but thats not possible :P

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I am the Chuck Norris of lucky SOBs

I have no idea how but my second time playing the game I started on Madagascar. It took about 5 minutes to infect everybody on that island and then I guess everybody hopped on the same boat and sailed to Australia. From there I got every single country infected. The funny thing is that everyone was freaking out and my virus had like no visibility and not a single bit of lethality. The entire world was infected with the common cold and everybody was preparing for the Apocalypse. My first victim died on day 73. I guess that would be my only complaint. The fact that the only symptom of my disease was sneezing and it wasn't lethal at all but still the entire world was in a panic. In the original Pandemic and the End of Mankind version, it was an actual struggle for anybody to even consider you an illness. Now sneezing is apparently compared to the black plague. My first time playing I started in Mexico with nothing but sweating as a symptom and it took about 15 minutes for most of the countries to shut their borders and cut off public transit. Mexico is hot! Sweating is normal there. Or anywhere in the world that has a warm climate. You really out to tone down the alert factor. I was only able to get every country except four because of the fact that hey closed their borders when some people got sweaty. I also noticed that the easier you evolve the faster they freak out. I picked the first class in order to have enough points to evolve, because my first go I chose parasite and I still haven't finished, and I pooled it all into the resistances. It had a tiny little bit of visibility and no lethality and it was minimally infective and still everyone went ape-shit the moment I had infected like 15 people in three different countries. Good game despite everything. Hope there's a third. And what's up with these robot doctors everyone is talking about? I never encountered them in the game but maybe I just killed everybody before they appeared.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A good game

There are some major improvements compared to part 1 like the fact that you can choose from Virus (strangely with a picture from a bacteriophage), Bacteria and Parasites! The idea with the locked tiers is also cool and the complexity increased a lot.
Still, there are some drawbacks like that fact that incubation time's missing and the reaction of the population is sometimes ridiculous: I started with a virus in Indonesia, removed the symptom and then went on investing in airborne, waterborne and durability (heat, cold, moisture first). So I was a disease with NO symptoms at all but still all the countries started to close their borders, schools and hospitals and even went on burning dead bodies, etc. despite the fact that my disease didn't do anything at all (how do people even find out that they are infected?). And it's also not good that different countries provide you with different advantages (e. g. Japan -> airborne + heat!, USA -> no advantage at all). With my Bacteria I was most succesful (infected an killed all except for Madagascar - on my first try).

So it's not that much better than part 1 in my opinion though there are really major improvements.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, Good.

i like the game, but after a while i wish i could speed up the game a bit more to pass the points of waiting. It seemed like the world was informed of my actions immediately. it also would make more sense if a country could be infected still by insects or rodents even after they close the borders.

in the end it was still fun. i like the feel of being evil for once :)

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