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The College Years 9

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Episode 9: Into The Woods

This episode was suppose to be on newgrounds months ago, but I... forgot. So here it is, not my best stuff but all right. I tried some new things to see how it works. I hope you'll enjoy it

Next Episode, and season finale, with be up here next week.

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I found this to be just okay. The animation wasn't that good. It kind of reminded me of LegendaryFrog. His style is just better. I'd have to get into this series. Why is it under "The Mike Weiss Saga"?

The series is titled "The College Years". Some "Saved By The Bell" reference? Never cared for that spinoff. I guess the length was okay. Again, that sounds a tad dirty.

loved it

it could have been smoother

not too bad

okay look:
the graphics were not bad but work on:

- walk cycles
- dynamic stuff like fire, the string and so on
- and please: work on some humor scenes! your movie seemed kinda funny but you could punch this up if you did following:
fox example at the scene when the guy wants to smuggle in the barrel:

it had been a lot more funny if you had made this guys REALLY be a fat guy who is coincidentally looking the the other one. so the women had tried to see whats under the jacket and at the same time the other guys comes along and loses the barrel..

sorry for my english im form austria ¬.¬

Just okay.

It was alright. Animation was okay, story telling was okay. Not the worst flash cartoon I've seen but not the best either. Work on your animation and story telling skills better and I think I'll see some interesting cartoons in the future.

it was ok

animation wasnt good, way to stiff, drawings were kinda blah. U def put a lot of work into it, i didnt watch the whole thing, sorry. I didnt Blam it tho lol. I wasnt into it but im sure many ppl will be