Dumb Apple Cartoon

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This a short cartoon I made in about 4 days for AlbinoBlackSheep's TOFA 2008. The topic for this round was to base a story around this sentence:

"Bob wanted an apple, so he..."

That's pretty much it!!!! (I lost.) I hope it amuses you.


it was good but coulda been better or longer

It was good, I liked your drawing and story...."apple juicing the carpet" good joke right there.

What I dont like tho is that it ended so soon...you could have added to that story pretty easily or hell you could make a sequel out of the talking apple. Another thing I dont like is that I know you are doing all the voice acting but you need to try harder to sound different between your characters cause you and the apple almost sounded identical.
It was good and I hope to see more!

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RWappin responds:

Actually my original idea for this cartoon was a lot longer and more ambitious, but I had to cut it short due to time constraints.


Even though this is one of those dumb child-like cartoons, the animation was pretty good. Sort of reminds me of "Best Present Ever".


I liked how you used the squash and stretch method for your animation. the story was short understandably but overall it was a rousing success.

I was amused

Pretty funny clip

it was really well animated...

But I didn't find it that funny, and the super animated over exagerated movements didn't help the toon either. I'm so tired of everyone making everything those animated and super exagerated like all those awesome toons, and everyone who makes invader zimributes.

But it was a good cartoon.

RWappin responds:

I'm not trying to do anything LIKE the awesome cartoons

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
12:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Original