Dumb Apple Cartoon

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This a short cartoon I made in about 4 days for AlbinoBlackSheep's TOFA 2008. The topic for this round was to base a story around this sentence:

"Bob wanted an apple, so he..."

That's pretty much it!!!! (I lost.) I hope it amuses you.


it was good but coulda been better or longer

It was good, I liked your drawing and story...."apple juicing the carpet" good joke right there.

What I dont like tho is that it ended so soon...you could have added to that story pretty easily or hell you could make a sequel out of the talking apple. Another thing I dont like is that I know you are doing all the voice acting but you need to try harder to sound different between your characters cause you and the apple almost sounded identical.
It was good and I hope to see more!

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RWappin responds:

Actually my original idea for this cartoon was a lot longer and more ambitious, but I had to cut it short due to time constraints.


I loved it the whole way! You should make a sequal about them riding home but by the time they get home the apples allready dead cuz he was in a plastic bag for 1 hour XD.

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RWappin responds:

Oh noes....

Not Appley

that was fo shizzle my nizzle

great stuff. sound, animation, jokes, art, all good

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RWappin responds:



Kill it kill it kill it kill it! what is wrong with him? its a frekin mutant apple, turn it into cider!


This is my third most favorite TOFA 2008 submission for this category. It's pretty funny and I like how the apple is hardcore as hell. Well, in my opinion he's hardcore. The animation really brought back some nostalgic feelings from my childhood. It was something sort of like Ren and Stimpy, or a classic Nickelodeon cartoon. That is a definite huge plus in my book. The voices were well done, though they did sound a bit cracky at time, but that's not a big deal. The flash makes up for it. Considering you made this in 4 days, that's pretty damn cool. I'm impressed to be honest, but all of my attempts at making a flash even near this caliber in 4 days or less has failed, haha. Overall, this flash is awesome. It brought back nostalgic feelings because of the animation and I really, really love your art style. That apple is bad ass. I think pretty much anyone should watch this, and I'm sure that most will enjoy it. My only complaint is the occasional cracky sensation of the voices, but it sort of fades by time your at the end of it. Your a damn good flash animator.

Rating: 10/10
Score: 5/5

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RWappin responds:

Hard... CORE?

Lol apple pun

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
12:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Original