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Two-Hour Time Trial VI

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Author Comments

Ten artists were given the theme of "Super Heroes and Villains" to complete an animation in two-hours and this is the outcome!


People who took part:

(Rudy, GoatMan, Kartman, Nicholas-Deary, Pastryman, Qstorm, Simple-Line, Souled, and Superawesomeness)

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Just noticed

Call me slow.... but i just realized you used my song for the submission.

Thanks man. Appreciate it. Nice work... keep 'em coming.


5/5 vote from me :)

The Movie is great.

That sucks. I always wanted to do the 2 hour trial. Can you inform me of the next one?

I thought there want no more.

Rudy responds:

Yeah, I always randomly start these babies.

Not much to say

The concept of a two hour time limit is inherently flawed, as it doesn't allow for much variety or style. Also, the humor tended to be rather amatuer. I understand that penis jokes are popular on Newgrounds, but it has gotten to the point where it just feels like you are beating a dead horse.

Rudy responds:

It was rather amateur -- I agree

I guess it's not bad for 2 hours

but that doesnt mean its good, you should maybe do a 2 day time trial or something so people have time to work on it.

Rudy responds:

I think I may do something different in the future.


This was perverted and lacked any story or plot what so ever. Push yourselves a little more to come up with something that people will enjoy. The only thing I found some what humorous was the fat man but the animation was really poor.

Rudy responds:

Uh. kay.