Cardboard City

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Um, guys? Its a collab, there's wasn't SUPPOSED to be even a vague plot, so if you're just going to review and say 'OMG it was liek borring and so i haeted it whar was the story? lolololol 0!' we've heard it before!

Hey thanks for the front page tom! Here, have a key to the city! And daily second, thats pretty cool!

Animators who I haven't co-authored will be co-authored as soon as they add me! :)

This is Cardboard City

When nick and I (moro) were trying to come up with a theme for a collab we could lead together, we were kinda stuck. We both wanted something that could be made cohesive, something that all the parts by all the animators could have in common, without looking too similar. We puzzled together for a little while, and then I started thinking, what about a city?

And that was that. Both of us LOVE textured animation, and we decided cardboard would be one of the more interesting substances to play with. With that, the collab was started, and little by little, it picked up speed, with gradually more and more people seeing the thread and trying stuff out, which was pretty cool. One of the main things we were going for was for the animators involved to stretch themselves, and we think that happened.

Haha, well, I guess I should post the lineup we've got for you fine folk tonight :)

Handsome Jake
Dr Clay
and Goat-Man

these were spectacular the whole way through, when I made them do push ups they didn't whine, there was no trouble at mealtimes, we just all had a really good time.

Vincoid won the house of cards contest though. he's quite good at that ;)

The collab ended up being huge, a lot larger than I had expected even though compared to other multi author stuff here on NG, there weren't a huge number of animators. In total it's... well, might as well do ALL THE SPECS AT ONCE OMG LOLOLOLOLOL


7674 frames in total, including menu, preloader game, dr.clay's piece, EVERYTHING!
319.7 seconds long, which makes it like, over 4 minutes long
24 frames per second

so ya, myself I was really shocked this morning when I added everything in and found it was almost 8000 frames long. I've never had that before. thats a lot of frames. but we still can't say its OVER 9000 because ITS OVER 7000 just doesn't have that same ring to it, haha. :)

Hmm. what else. UMM.

well ya, as I said, all these guys were really fun to work with, and I think it shows. Myself, I'm quite pleased with the standard thats set, and hopefully its good enough for you high end critics out there too! :)

COOLIO NIATO was nice enough to make us an absolutely amazing preloader game, which was really cool of him to do. Its an awesome game. I'm addicted. My record so far is like, 25000 but Im sure a bunch of you can beat that, so if you do, PM me with a screenshot and I'll try to do better than whatever you got. hahaha.

but seriously, a round of cardboard applause (the loudest kind there is, of course!) to coolio for that.


so, without further ado, we present Cardboard City. Enjoy the show!

-Moro, Nick, Jake, Ziwon, Vincoid, Goatman, Marcy, Kyle, Dr Clay, Coolio, and Biskits :)

oh and if you've read all this, congrats! there's also an easter egg on the menu ;)

that is all.


Great job guys!

I have been waiting for this to come out and now here it is in all it's glory! After seeing some stuff from some of you I was already expecting something pretty good on the asembly line, however I was not expecting something like this! So to sum up my feelings I give you all a 5/5 Kudos

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MorrowDays responds:

Thanks! we're glad to not dissapoint! :D


A nice moody little cartoon
very relaxing.

from a technical standpoint impressive, considering its like 50% masking and 50% bitmaps and yet isnt 99999999 gigabytes in size, considering how poorly flash exports masks and bitmaps.

it reminds me a of a cartoon called PAPER SKY thats here on newgrounds and atomfilms as well

good stuff all around
good choice of music as well
few cartoons use jazz or the blues which is a bit of a shame as they are some of the most pure sound around

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MorrowDays responds:

thanks a lot, mr. zekey :)

I got really worried about filesize at one point when I was watching the SWF export, I had the window where it shows you the filesize open, and as it went up it passed 10 MB and went all the way to 10.9, so I was like, OH DAMN. but then some how (?? I still don't know how, haha) when I checked it again it was 9.5, which was really bizarre.

I love paper sky. its beautiful. I saw it on atomfilms when I was like, 8 and it amazed me. that was before I started animating stuff. I guess if you put two and two together you could say that thats one of the subtle pieces that influenced me. I hadn't thought of that before.

newgrounds should have a jazz day. like madness day or whatever except for jazz. cause you're right, theres like, none of it around here.

oh and btw, you totally blocked me from your userpage >:( I think I told you to get a wacom or something a while back. but Im still banned! :P


Not too good

I didn't really like it that much, i agree with Edgey-The-Don. You could've picked a better subject than cardboard...
2 stars for the movie
3 stars for the preloader :3

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Very relaxing

I enjoyed this very much. the music is easy to listen to, and the art style was very original. You guys who gave this a poor rating should really grow up. a flash doesn't suck just because it doesn't have blood flying everywhere. Though in some cases it does help >:)

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MorrowDays responds:

yeah if we had some people shooting like, runnaway cats or something this probably would have gotten like, 4.20 xD

One of the best collabs ever. :3

Good work Morrow, you made a great collab about this great idea! (: I think all the parts were awesome, great effects, great animation and great style! :3

The preloader game was kind of hard, my top score was something like 2500. xD Maybe you could make him jump higher?
The menu was awesome, there was even a cardboard SKATER! :D Awesome job Morrow.

All the parts were overall pretty great, everyone did a greate job AND congrats to the daily 2nd. :3

*Recommendng for NG Collab Collection and praying for front page<3*



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MorrowDays responds:

woot woot! thanks bertn! ya! we made front page AND NG collabs!

glad you liked it! ARRRRRR!

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2008
2:03 PM EDT