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four seasons - summer

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It's summer time. It's so hot out there that grilled chicken legs are falling right from the sky. With that said - one question remains - what does that mean machine's janitor do with the grill here? The answer seems obvious...

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aaaaaa, annoying but fun : )

All four season themed Squirrel Family games are just simplistic score accumulation games with no benchmark to achieve, no levels or ending to make it worthwhile. The gameplay is fun and the seasons SF games could be good if they were a part of a single bigger game and each of these games were just a stage where you have to collect a certain amount of score before time runs out to unlock the next stage. Spring could be first stage because you can't die in Spring and Summer, but can die in Autumn and Winter. Winter is the hardest because you both can fall to death and you have a villain squirrel making life hard for you simultaneously. Then after these four stages, the second part of game could be like the SF payback game, to get revenge on these orange squirrels that made life hard for you in first stages. Such a longer and more integrated game if plot, character names, intro and outro would have been added would make for one quality game, that would deserve a good rating. But as they are, the games are too short and sort of pointless.

was fun at all

needs work on

That was cute, but needs more work i agree

Like said below, it does need a lil work. The graphics are fine, its just the gameplay. I love the lil characters they are cute, and the lil chicken legs. Its just this is a game to waste your time with, you should do more than just grab chicken legs. If this was your first game, this would be reasonable, but still, bouncing and grabbing? C'mon you can do better!


I've had more fun clicking a pen

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3.08 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2008
4:30 AM EDT