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Ike fights for his friens

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Ike fights for his friends,but he has so much friends,what happens when you fight for so many people?!
Watch this movie and find out.

!!!Movie text Controls!!!

On movie "prologue" - Click on the colored ball.

Rest of the movie - Press spacebar.


1)Sprite movie haters,stay away from this movie!

2)Spelling mistakes?Do you want it to be in portuguese?No?Fine!

3)I'm not an Ike hater,so just don't give me a low score because of that(yes,many people do that.).


It's ok

You made Ike seem MentaL
Ike is really a smart guy


Im sorry for the low rating. I liked the idea. I love sprite movies.... But your facts.... DE FACTS!!!!! They were horrible.... His appearance was in Path of Radiance.... I didnt like that Ike was just a modified mercenary.... Overall, a 5/10 for effort... but a 1/10 for facts.


funny idea. this was a pretty good sprite movie. and by the way, your english was fine. my only grammar qualm is your use of the word "much" when you should use "many" but that's the only thing i noticed. then again, most people don't know the difference anyway. lol.


LOL, constipation. nice.

it was ok

kinda pointless to me. like your trying hard to be funny. And the jumpy animations were crap, but the way people dided witht the shatter effect was cool.

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3.18 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
8:54 PM EDT
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