Circuit Skirmish 2

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This got front page AND review crew pick!? Thank you, Mr. Tom! And thanks to all who are writing reviews and such. Appreciated. Even if I don't respond to it, you can be sure I read it.

The sequel is finally here. Well...the first part anyway. The little robot finds himself constantly fighting enemy robots of unknown origin, only to find that he cannot even remember his own origin. Still he feels the need to help, and that's where this short starts.

It's about 4 minutes long. This time around the atmosphere's a bit more serious and there's the hint of a story behind the whole ordeal. I've used a couple 3d elements within some of the cuts (primarily the backgrounds). I've spent a little more than half a year working on this on and off, though I've been trying to mold the whole story up since the original came out.

I haven't submitted anything in a while, and for that I apologize. 2007 was a rough year for me and I didn't have much time to animate then. Life has gotten a bit better but I still need to figure some things out before I keep working on Part 2. It might be a while! Anyways, ENJOY THE MOVIE!


Down to earth action

Very creative, you can really get into this character.
Ha, did anyone else notice the APERTURE text on the scanner that guy was holding.

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good stuff

Were is Circuit Skirmish 3?

Sure you get really 3 of these question atleast a day I think. But I wonder really where is Circuit Skirmish 3? Because you can loose really fast most of your fans, we love your work but we don't like you just put it to on hold like this. Sure thing if you had not a cliffhanger, but now it is starting to annoy me abit actully. I don't wanna be peckish but please, give us a messeges of how Circuit Skirmish 3 is going.

Falconer02 responds:

There's a minute done, but it's on hold till Minecraft: The N00b Adventures is done.


I see the Golden Gate Bridge!

i'm STILL looking forward to the next part!...

it's been two years, and this little short still has me waiting! good luck Jim! - thank you for making something truely creative, and doing it as good as it can be done! - I hope you continue this, and i only wish that i could do the same.

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Jul 11, 2008
6:22 PM EDT
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