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Ctrl, alt or shift click to toggle a flag. Left click to reveal.

A multiplayer remake of the classic minesweeper game. Multiple players share the same field.

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Pretty Good

I had some nit-picks, but, eh, whatever, it was a good game overall, so I won't complain.

not bad

I'm like the Minesweeper champ of my family so I had to check this out...
my one problem--in the Minesweeper that comes with Windows (the 'official' minesweeper as far as I know, and apparently what yours is based off of), you actually can't die on your first click. It won't let you. Just thought you might like to know that.

you may want to add some new twist to the gameplay, too, to make it more interesting.


Yes hard to co op and it kind of fun but this is what I recommend (sry poor grammar not a English person)

- Effect or New Room: Make the game more interesting, like some effect or crazy stuff happening. Maybe at a flying object move around so that you have to dodge the object while finding sweeping.
- Buddy List: Have friend to play the game and you can add them
- Private Room: Invite someone you know to play a Room because it is annoying when you playing with someone who just going to click everything. A private Room is a more co op team work.
- "Suitable?" : I see a guy with a image of a penis & is it even suitable to someone under 15? I recommend check up on this game. Ban or warn those who put unsuitable image. Penis is indeed not suitable. We got some youngster on newground including my little cousin.

Laughably enjoyable

But people just randomly click without thinking, so it's hard to co-operate, even with the chat.

The same minesweeper...

This is the same minesweeper that you get on your computer... The only thing is that you can play online, but that isn't too much entertaining. You should work more in your flash games, dont make them multiplayer, make them interesting.