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sloppy larry productions presents: the fantastic fun show reader review part 7


funny shit

somehow that joke flash you made in the middle was better than 99% of the crap that's been on today...

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mortimernova responds:

somehow i can smell your breath from here. it is a minty delight. kind of like crest complete and angel wings. you make me smile.

That sock is just disgusting

But I guess you guys are funny.

That flash animootion was ROCXORS... no seriously though, a really good episode.

I Like your style of humour and your piss-take of some of the shit that ends up on the portal was classic. Unless you actually animate that well in which case.... I'm so sorry about you losing your arms, was it an accident or did someone do that to you on purpose?

Like, if its the latter I know some guys... they can... you know... return the favour.

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mortimernova responds:

captain twicky worked really hard on that animation... he's going to cry like a baby when he sees this... and he was so full of glee this morning when he left for work. he wore 2 shirts just so he could pop 2 collars.

Loved it!

Everytime i saw one of these i never took the time to watch and im sorry i didnt till' now! Pure Genius! 10/10

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mortimernova responds:

well i'm glad you took the time... now if you'd only take the time to enjoy this delicious spaghetti dinner with me! it's a-so a-spicy!

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4.02 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
11:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Original