B&D: Carbonation

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this is our second comic
way better then first one

I your wondering, the reason we make comics instead of flash is because we each do half of the work but only one of us actually has flash of his computer. so we dont really have the time we need to make an actual flash, but hopefully you enjoy or comic any way! I dont want to read any reviews telling us we have to spend more time on it! thanks for watching.


Awesome again!

I kept reading it, and I loved it more every time. Sweet job on your comics!

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Okay premise, but it didn't have the same dark sadistic humour of "Daddy Day Kill". The plot is pretty much non-existant, and the only funny part was the ending.

Daddy Day Kill, had sick music, and the entire thing was funny, every aspect, while here the only funny part was the punchline, and it was expected, you knew what was going to happen (which in most cases is okay, but only if its really gruesome).

If you decided to re-do this one, the length you can't really do anything about,

- add a start button,
- add some music,
- add a background,

and you'd get a 6 from me, instead of a 5.

On future flashes, you "have to spend more time on it!". Sorry, you may hate to hear it, but its true.

For some reason, I felt it was harder to move from panel to panel in this one, in Daddy Day Kill it was more, better transitioned?

Anyway, hope I didn't break your spirits, the comic aspect does not deter me (or should deter anyone else) from your comics...? Flash? lol...

Keep making flashes,

I liked it...

but, u need to make that in to animation instead of like a comic book, Next time have them move and junk.

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AwesomeRangersPlus responds:

dont really have the time for that cuz we dont hang out much and its on one of our computers and the one with it kinda sucks at drawling


The comic overall was good.

For the record though, almost all the flashes here are either animated movies or interactive games. I'll give you props for treading the untested waters of comic submissions here, but it probably would have worked better as a YTMND, or something to submit on DeviantArt.

Also, if you were to continue the comic submissions on NG ( which by any means, feel free to ), make the NEXT button locked in just one area of the screen. Some background music would've helped too.

Not bad

But if there are two of you and one has flash, then you are more than able to actually add animation. Try it, see what happens. I think you'll find you'll get a much better reception.

ps. you need to spend more time on it.... lol jk :P

AwesomeRangersPlus responds:

the one that can draw doesnt have flash and can only work on projects when he comes over to the other ones house

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2.61 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
11:36 AM EDT
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