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Super Ninja Training!!!

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-*EDIT 2* yay its in the ninja collection, duh duh duh, dududu,du du du,duuuuuuuuuuuuu
*edit* you might need to turn down your volume for this dude

sorry i have not been updating on my flashes, i needed to get my computer fixed, well anyways, this flash is around 2:00 long and is about a ninja who teaches all of those out of shape ninja wannabes how to become a ninja, but is what he teaching really the right stuff, well u need to watch the movie to find out

heres a little something about my movie

4 days of work
3 minutes to wright
42 mental break downs due to frustration

enjoy u fine people of newgrounds, enjoy



sorry about me saying nice,i always (well,almost always) use that as my review header.great piece of work.And by the way,that asshole piratefish's spelling was fine,although his review wasn't.I for one loved the way the guy just went crazy at the end of the steps.stupid naruto.fnar fnar.

Mediocre at best (ignore my spelling)

I didn't find this funny at all. Mostly cause all your jokes are pretty much say ninja + scream into mic. The animation and such was good and its the only reason you get 4. Honestly i think that when it comes to flash animation that the story or jokes (depending on genre) are more important. Focus a little more on better humor.

God that was just funny

That was hilarous (sorry not good at spelling). I love what you did with step 1 and the Naruto thing of him not being a ninja. There are more reasons why he's not a ninja. It all sums up to that he doesn't do any ninja stuff at all. He sucks at it. The show is actually degrading ninjas, and shows a bad idea, and the ways of being a ninja. Now kids will think that whatever anyone of the characters in that show do something, they think it's what ninjas do, when in reality, they don't even watch the show. It sucks so much with a passion. Love it. And I like how you made the ninja look like he has tourettes and yells at random ninja stuff. Really funny. I don't even care about the whole bad voice acting. That was one of the things that made this flash, exetremely funny. Keep up the good work. Oh and thank you for showing me the super ninja training, now I know how to become a ninja. LOL.

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Khris responds:

your preaching to the choir man

It was alright...

The Ninja yelling stupid stuff kind of got old by Step 3. It was still funny though, and great voice acting, funny jokes... All in all, it's a 7. Good job, make more!

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Roflzomglolbbqpartytimewoo That was funny as hell!

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3.76 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2008
8:32 PM EDT
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