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Doritos Prologue

rated 1.74 / 5 stars
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Jul 10, 2008 | 5:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Cartoon doritos idea is TM by Szafranko corporation.. but doritos themselves are owned by dorito's company..

This being my first real animation i have sent i doubt this would be any good as i have reviewed many animations and all the first ones are never that good so i ask you to read this before and after you watch the animation in hope to give helpful criticism along with that i would like the peoples opinion on what the characters should look like since i would like to stay with the Doritos idea

This isn't my final copy of this movie i actually wanted it to be longer, with better audio and a kitchen setting as a background but i didn't want to put alot of effort into somthing that i havn't finished deciding on what characters are to look like..

So... below is a list i'd like you to decide in your reviews on the change of character design if that isn't too much to ask

1. keep eyes like in movie.. ( black dots )
2. Classic cartoon eyes ( black dot surrounded by white and then a black outline around the eye )
3. other ( give your own opinion )

1. Thin outline around body boarder
2. average outline around body boarder
3. thick outline around body boarder

1. keep with 3 fingers
2. five fingers

1. no joints just cartoony wavy arms
2. bone joints

1. Nose?.
2. or no nose

1. teeth
2. teeth and tung ( I'm not quite sure how to spell that..)
4. combination / other ( come up with own idea )

and if theres anythign else you guys woudl like to change or improve on.. just say so and i'll consider it i wont go by majority on these votes i'll go by which set i like the best.. :) thanks for the help and hope you enjoy this



Rated 5 / 5 stars



szafranko responds:



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

characters are fine

leave them like that. but you should work more on your story line

szafranko responds:

thats funny im geting complete opposite from others.. say increase time and effort in characters and the story line is funny just poorly drawn


Rated 1 / 5 stars


At least you put on a New Grounds Pre-Loader for your video.... so that earned your rating +2!!!!

szafranko responds:

thanks?.. could u put any effort into a review?.. or is that


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Let see..

(Sorry for Grammar problem I am not a English person)
Ok you will either make Cartoon or Anime, but it seem your making a Cartoon flash

Eyes: Keep it ~ improved the eye alittle bit. Maybe make both eye look the same.

Body: Average ~ Best to add texture and try to make it look like a chip. In Commercial it is only a perfect Triangle Chip. Add some Detail to it also to make the cartoon more better.

Hand: Five finger ~ Hand need to be improved.

Arms/Leg: Bone Join ~ Nothing to Say but

Nose: No Nose ~ Nothing to Say

Mouth: Teeth and Tongue ~Make the chip atleast chewing and add some real "crunch crunch sound"

What can improve the first speech
"bah dah.. bah bah bah...Im loving it" Came from McDonald
"bah dah.. bah bah bah (Mmmmm) Do...RI..TOsss... (iiiissss GGGreeatt!!!)"
(well kind of lame nvm XD lol)

Well again sorry if for poor grammar but you get 5/5 because your making a flash and you explain to us that you need to know what you should improve, other then making blamish random flash.

szafranko responds:

Thanks hopefulyl the five will make this not get blammed but i doubt it.. anyhoo

thanks for the great advice a few more reviews which help with my character design and i can start working on a sketch of the final character's look.. :) thanks for the help on the improve first speech altho.. i dont get what your implying but lol.. thanks? :)


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I didnt like it at all

Bad animation and I didnt think it was funny at all

szafranko responds:

this dosn't quite help?.. if you read author comments like your supposed to.. then reviews are ment to help me improve on final copy.. because if you again.. read author comments you'd know this isn't even close to final copy..