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After a relaxing morning of fishing, what better way to spend your afternoon than skydiving? Join Blue Rabbit and friends as they brave the elements, jumping through rain, snow and more!

Use either the mouse or the keyboard - your choice! The goal is to pick up enough carrots before you reach the deployment zone, but the weather isn't going to make it easy...

Unlock new jumpsites and characters as you go, customise your parachute and team logo, try and beat your highest score - all features are autosaved as you play.


Tom & Dim



It was a good variation, and you could even design your own flag or whatever, and alot of characters to choose from and their special abilities and traits etc, altho the last level really pissed me off it was a really good game .


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Fun but...

The 2nd last one was the most difficult for me.... those clouds have 2 far of rang. one mistake and your screwed (you don't even need to make a mistake to lose). Great grafics and loved the Deer guy, his falling pose is the funnyest.

Nice idea, bad implementation

OK, so the interface is nice, the customisable logo is a good idea and the objective is inoffensive.
That is, until you actual try this using a keyboard. You can't roll towards the top or bottom of the screen, meaning that you can't quickly move to a line of carrots.
It also seems that period where the carrot can be collected is very small.

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Fun, but repetetive

First of all to 'Psycho' you have to collect the amount of carrots displayed in the top right corner that's why you kept landing in the water.

I thought the game had loads of charm, and it was fun for a while but through the five levels it bacame very repetetive, I also thought it would've have been nice if each character had they're own original item to collect because I'm pretty sure seals don't eat carrots XD overall though I really enjoyed it, good work!

Cute :D

That was adorable, love the characters! But yeah like some people said, it does lack the RPG element of buying skill points and equipment. It is also hard to maneuver, i cant get past the first damn level! Argh! I love that you're able to customize a logo, although i hate that you have to draw, not be able to choose different symbols and letters and images and stuff. Anyways, great graphics and gameplay, angles are a lil off. Worthy of a 7/10. Maybe you should consider s sequel?

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2008
5:06 PM EDT
Skill - Collect