Snake (Conducting>:3)

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Author Comments

Controls are fairly obvious.
Arrow Keys: movement

If your snake is killed by running into it's own body it's carcass will stay behind and slowly disintegrate with each piece of food you eat in your new body. Although the old carcass does not pose an immediate threat it can cover up the food making it much harder to see.

Music by Conducting From the Grave, Eternally Gutted

Lyrics: A dark obsession with her frail form, laid upon this table.
Eviscerated with surgical precision, lacerated far beyond infinity.
A thousand hearts to perish, a million cities to burn experience within existence is defined with fate.
The blade brushes the surface of her flesh, her skin crawls with apprehension.
Realization of her imminent demise.
Reflections of horror begin to fill her eyes.
In this world, empires rise and fall, ages come and go.
The only thing that's certain, everything will someday die.
Devour this heart with memories of her.
An eternity together that meant the world to me, when every second was consumed by her apathy.
An obsession with the past unable to accept what is here before me.
Indulging on her flesh.
In this ceremony of butchery.
Gazing upon blood stained hands.
Insanity overcomes me.
Cannibalistic thoughts cloud my tainted mind and I begin to.

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Lol wut

So random...


theres was a little bit problems with the game it was ok a little more work though

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

There was a little bit problems?

Fill me in dawg


This Game wasn't to bad but some things you could do to make it a little more original, a difficulty setting would be nice the higher the difficulty the faster the snake moves and walls and runnig into yourself would kill you. The fact you can eat your snake and leave behind a carcass is a good idea. One thing i would love to see if you ever updated this game is a score meter lol i would like to see my score and it would be even cooler if you could submit it too. The music was a nice touch. Sorry for the criticism just trying to help and honestly im pretty bored overall 6/10 3/5 nice efforts and nice music

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

What criticism? :]

All extremely good ideas i'll get to work right away.


i deserve a bit of credit for this =)

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

Hm, i suppose you do.


It glithed when you hit yourself and theres no way to die ?????????

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

So your saying...
Well im not quite sure what your saying.

All i'm reading is "I didn't read the instructions, that's why im voting low."

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2008
9:53 PM EDT
Skill - Other