Ragdoll Lincoln

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Ragdoll Lincoln fell asleep and is dreaming. Use the mouse to move him, and collect fish while dodging obstacles. Try to get the highest score in the end, and be entered on the online highscore tables.



Nice but what the flip. Why is he trying to get the fish?

P.S. try makeing him do the worm on the floor. Its funny

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its a mess but, still good

I think you made a fun game and all, but it had a few flaws..... I thought that it was impossible to get it through the confined hallways without hitting something>.>
By the way, I found a glitch - Lincoln's hat touches the ceiling but no health lost.

Pretty fun

The only real gripe I had with this game was the collision detection. Perhaps tighten it up a bit more? I got to about 6000 before I died. Otherwise, it's a good game to kill some time when you're bored.

Somewhat original

The collision detection left something to be desired, but the concept is good. It's rare to see something original on Newgrounds!

Good work.

Shall I get into my REAL thinking reserves here?

I assume that I shall use my compliment sandwich tactic. Okay, here we are.

The graphics were quite acceptive. There were a few items that were somewhat off beat every now and then, but it was mainly fine. Sometimes the object in inquiry didn't EXACTLY grace the ground with it's presence of gravity's attractive pull, but whatever floats your boat, so to speak. But it's really based off of the entire viewing public. Whether I enjoy it or not.

The gameplay wasn't too excpetional. While Lincoln's head was too large to squeeze through some objects, the body made it that much harder. I ponder the thought that you either need to make your objects of distraction smaller, or make Lincoln, himself, smaller. Some of the objects simply moved to quickly to dodge, as well. The improbability of getting through the pickle without harming dear Lincoln was just to great. Yet, there were some things to be thankful for in times of hardship between man and spinning item.

Last, on the list is that the idea was simply splendid! The thought of Lincoln being out cold and having somewhat of a nightmare with rotten fish made me chuckle. Yet, the objective was a little blurry to begin with. You did well, my boy. May fate let us to cross paths again some other day, perhaps.

Goodbye, may flashes of your's continue to prosper.

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ToasterDemon responds:

Thanks a bunch for the constructive criticism and long review. I really appreciate it.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2008
4:44 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid