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Word Chain

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Word Chain is a simple and compulsive word game. It's the first Flash game that I've written having been introduced to Flash by writing a route map for my work.

There's a tutorial in the game but here's some further instructions...

Make new words by changing a letter in the current word.

Using the mouse or keyboard, select the letter in the word you want to change, then click a letter on the pad to make a new word.

Turn on all the lights to increase the score multiplier.

Each word scores the total of the letters plus time bonus multiplied by the multiplier.

Remove the last word with the back button if you get stuck.

The game is over if the time runs out.

Later levels are made more tricky by less time bonus and disabled keys.

UK or US dictionary can be selected by clicking "Options".

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Gameplay:This is more addicting as pot could be.And you can waste time in.But in
a while it can start to be repetitive because it's to simple .8/10
Graphics:You took some work on them and they aren't bad my friend.But they are
simplistic as the gameplay.8/10
Sound:There is not much of them but they are still good.7/10

Great game

Very easy to get the hang of ! A great little brain-tickler.

works fine

It worked fine for me, how are you doing the word checks? Are all the words embedded or are they being loaded from an external file.

tafty responds:

The two dictionaries are embedded. They're sourced from the SOWPODS and TWL Scrabble dictionaires.


Great exercise for people here who don't have english as there native language.


it might be just my internet connection acting up but this game is really laggy. Fix that and your good.

tafty responds:

By "laggy" do you mean that it's not responding to mouse clicks/keyobard input? One thing I've found on other sites that have various Flash ads on the same page as games is that they sometimes interfere with timing...?