The Orange Box Collab

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The Orange Box Collab is finally released. We should have had this out a month ago, but we jsut wanted to do more and more work on it. Now that it is finished we are all glad to have this in the portal.

This has been a great experience to work with all of these talented authors. Its just too bad that I can not co-author all of them, so I would like to thank those who did not make the cut; Dumbassstudios, Flashbound18, Noxx11, Oouch. I don't think I missed anyone else. If I did I am really sorry.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout the production of this video. Also to the creators of the extremely entertaining games; Half Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

There are still some minor corrections to be made to the sound, an update with the corrections made will hopefully be up soon.

I hope you enjoy what we have done, and please leave some feedback.



Just terrible and not even funny and the animations sucked. Just give up you have no talent.


Honestly, some parts of this were good. Like GCacti and Greensinge's parts, which were quality humor and animation. Spacemanattack had an amusing part with the dispenser and good animation, but Death of a Pyro just isn't my kind of humor. However... The rest of it was horrid. Completely. How do you end up with a collab that has stick figures and utterly pathetic attempts at prepubescent humor in the same collab with quality animation and good jokes? It's pathetic. It seems like some people just signed onto the collab, or heck, even started it, just to piggyback off of Flash artists that are actually better than ABSOLUTE PHAIL. And if this is what you put out after a month's worth of extra work, you probably needed another couple months to, y'know, FIX THE AUDIO.

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not that funny

im tired of tf2 and portal jokes that are all over used, you realize that their are 3 episodes of half life in orange box right??? and all you have is what 2 poorly done half life references

Worst. Shit. Ever.

Not funny, no animations was good and the music sucks!

The jokes just werent that funny

Most of the flashes had pretty lame jokes. I just didnt find it funny.

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3.33 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2008
11:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody