Stick Skater!

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I originally made this game in game maker, and now remade it in flash.



Nothing that new, this has been done many other time but better, make better graphics and making make the sprite move a big, like when he jumps he shouldn't be perfectly straight, it's fun for a bit, then gets boring really fast.

Uninteresting and dull

This game was very easy-made like no hard work spent into it, the animation was kinda fast and like you didn't care about the graphics at all, but I will admit that I like sidescroll "avoid-the-object" games and played it for sometime. But you need to spend more time with your animations 3/10

A way to kill time...

Try making the levels yourself. Randomly generated levels can lead to problems. Also, make better graphics and add more obstacles. It's been done in better ways.

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Theres really nothing to it.

Infact I feel a slight bit of frustration running through me.. This game just isn't much of a game, maybe add some graphics and combo moves, sound effects, stuff like that. Animate some of your own sprites and work it all out.

Made in gamemaker?

If this was originally made in gamemaker, I should hope it was better!!
Gamemaker is easy compared to flash, and if that is what it was originally like... then what the hell... Surely a better game could be made in gamemaker. Flash yeah I give you credit, theres quite a bit of programming for simple tasks, but gamemaker is epic easy.

Turtleboy2870 responds:

It was better in gamemaker... :-\

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2.59 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
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