Smash Bros Murder DX

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** This is the third/sixth in the Mario's Day Off/Smash Bros. Murder series**

Wow, it's been a minute. We didn't make this episode for a few months because we were playing Smash Bros. Brawl. Who can blame us? It's got Wario, something this cartoon doesn't have. Man, I love Wario. I just like to bite people and eat the items they want to use. It's hilarious to me to just chomp an Assist Trophy you know everyone's fighting for. Or if someone throws a Lip's Stick at me, I just eat it. It's the best. Then it's great when he becomes Wario Man, because I'll just fly around and do the "Rising Applause" move to kill everyone trying to get away. It's very satisfying. And he has the most taunts in the game! I killed someone while I was taunting cuz I drove my motorcycle into them. You can't beat that.




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preety good

that bubbles dude is fucked up

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It's good but..

I like your little flash serwes about Gonnondof and Falcon but considering that im a Mario fan I am a little ofanded in a way about u makeing Mario lookin like a jerk. But even so idk why but I find it some what amuseing on how u make him a jerk. Still good flash any ways. My favrote part is how Mario stupidly think a retard is his brother rather than Luigi. It's funny how he's mean to every one except a retarded most likely fake brother. Eather way if Mario does die in the next episode how is he going to be alive again whan Capton Falcon kill's him with his gay kiss of death? By the looks of it Mario is bound to die no matter what. So if he does servive the next episode Capton Falcon would eventjuley kill Mario with his kiss of death. Im sorry for giveing u an 9 btw insteed of a 10 I just did that cuz im a Mario fan. But the part where DK dies thats so ture. Also whats up with Mario's little team crew? Are they like crom a diffrnt old game or something? Or did u just made tham up? And um yeah I think thats all I have to say. *sorry for my bad spelling btw..*

Ok lets give a lone Review (deep breath)

1st: We all know its really called Mario's Day off by now and its all random stuff. It remains funny sometimes, but now its getting twisted. Less Mario please, more alternative charaters. The rest was well. (yay for wrecking crew and DK jr. and basicly the 1st DK was really Cranky Kong and DK Jr. became the older DK. Wich makes no sense since in the GB game DK it was the DK we all know by now and DK Jr. vanished after that game.)

2nd: Yea Brawl is good and Wario eats all! Same as Dedede. Fat ass greedy fighters FTW. I am personally a heavy weight fighter. I dont do eternal spam hits like most Light weights and medium weights. I dont do much shooting either. I am mostly just going straight into the brawl getting hurt alot and surviving and idiotic high damage and making people attack me straight on so they actually die (idiots never poke into Bowser's ass when hes doing Koopa Crush)

as for now this concludes my long review. It deserves it. Hopefully you will bring some good jokes next time since this one was a tad lacking...

it gets weird

im sorry but its too weird

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Jul 8, 2008
2:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody