Shamoozal: GFGames #3

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Edit: Wow, thank you for the front!

Hard to believe it's been 3 months since GFG#2. We know we promised to have these things out a little quicker, but all I can hope is that it's worth the wait.

We're kind of hoping people get this whole gag about getting "the last copy" when they go to purchase new games.

As per usual, our episodes are short, but we try not to skimp on the quality of the overall product. And if you so fancy, there's the option to download 720p HD versions for your PC, 360, or PS3. Have fun.


Wasnt worth the wait..

Sorry guys but this wasnt worth the wait in the end it was really dumb.. I mean you guys have some funny stuff but a old joke like this in a cartoon like this.. Did this take you like a whole 5 hours to amek because i seen people do it quicker? 3 months.. Bahh... I think you guys really did bad at this.. Come on yuo guys can do better.. I watched it and didnt even get it.. I didnt veen laugh thats how bad it was.. come on.. Can u make me laugh.. i laughed at your others maybe your stuff is just geting old?

Shamoozal responds:

That's fine that you didn't enjoy this episode, I don't mind. But don't you dare question our level of commitment. To say we could have cranked this short out in 5 hours proves to me that you know absolutely zilch about the animation process. Countless hours, and multiple weekends were spent trying to finish this thing. That's on top of redesigning one main character and two minor characters. When we record our audio, we don't just set up a little mic on our PC and act like assholes. We go record in a studio environment. Before we even animate this stuff, it actually gets story boarded and then we do an animatic. Just because you didn't laugh doesn't mean that there wasn't time and effort put into this. And it took 3 months because well, we're busy adults, with real jobs, real lives, and real everyday situations.

Also, to everyone else... I have worked in retail for 8 years of my life during high school and college. I have, myself, told people of "the last copy" in a work environment. I understand why a last copy exists, no need to insult my intelligence when it comes to that.


Great animation! Its just I didnt understand the joke.. it wasnt funny :\


you get 5 cause it looked good and sounded good.

but the humour wasnt there. Your other stuff is better.


I kept wondering what the joke was, or what Jacqo was doing in the alley. When I finally saw the ending, I found it horrible disapointing.

not funny

it was not good at all you need to make funny moves

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Jul 7, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
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