Shamoozal: GFGames #3

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Edit: Wow, thank you for the front!

Hard to believe it's been 3 months since GFG#2. We know we promised to have these things out a little quicker, but all I can hope is that it's worth the wait.

We're kind of hoping people get this whole gag about getting "the last copy" when they go to purchase new games.

As per usual, our episodes are short, but we try not to skimp on the quality of the overall product. And if you so fancy, there's the option to download 720p HD versions for your PC, 360, or PS3. Have fun.


What a bitch!

.. but I like the idea of ass-clinching a DS cartridge into a cup.
So she won't buy the game because it's not shrink wrapped. The reason why they open the cases is so that not all merchandise gets put behind glass shelving, so we can freely pick up a case and check it out. So that joke gets zero kudos from me.
Aside from the hobo rabbit, I hate the characters. Total douche canoes.

hate to say this but...

somebody has got to get the first before anyone can get the last soooo not everyone is getting the last copy. But other than that it was very funny.


I just watched an episode of family guy where they did the carrying something with their butt except it was a cherry and they were supreme court justices. Lol great animation, sound, comedy, and art.


Man, I can't get enough of your animation skills man. I love the voice acting too. Though the whole plot was kind of.... weird.

not bad

a bit weird.

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Jul 7, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Original