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FW- Green Clay

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Well, here's a brief summary of this film's creation :O
So, i'd finished my big video project "That thing upstairs is not my daughter" so i didn't have much else to do. So i started work on this other film, you'll see it later, but i was also planning a film i'd thought about for some time. "Fun with green clay". So, i went over my grandparents' house, where they have SMA on their laptop .I went on Newgrounds to find a track i could use, found one and started animating. I made sure the length of the film matched the length of the song.
And so, i present, "Fun with green clay"! It took some effort to make this, imagine making a wall of green clay (ok, so in reality it was a small wall that i closed up on :P.However, i am still making a point.)

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I love that claymation
It is very imaginative
keep it up ac!!


Cool thanx

It was ok....

A bit scrappy, and the animation could be better, and it looked like you used 12 fps and clay morphs shoould be at least 18 or 24 fps, I thought you could give it more time and also have more interesting things, because I lost interest and closed it at the part with the people so I would work on that, thats all for now and keep animating


Well, thing is, you can animate at any frame rate that's 12 or over, you just need to have lots of tiny movements between each frame, and that makes it look smooth.


well that was actly pretty good and i bet it took forever!

good effort man, for a claymation that was pretty descent.

(make another? ^_^)


Yeah, i might do a sequel, but otherwise check out my other claymations, and my HUGE claymation project on youtube!

not much point

really nothing to it but looks like you put lots of work into it. i know how hard those claymations are to build... very creative, good job


Well, i made it to be random :)

Claymation isnt flash

Sound Effects:0/10

This is claymation, so my review may be brief. Im sorry to be so harsh in my rankings, but Im afraid this is supposed to be a flash portal therefore I grade as such. It is a great claymation, kind of random, but great anyways. There a few mistakes in the stop motion, but expertly done none the less. Maybe this will live, but my vote is against. Sorry.


There are BILLIONS of claymations on NG. Visit the clay collaection, or type in clay in the search box.