Monster's Dream

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After far too long, i finally have something to submit. this project has been hot and cold for over a year and a half now, so it feels great to have it completed. It is very random and more of a reintroduction to the blue monster for myself.

this is a dream sequence so prepare to be a bit confused, try to follow along and perhaps watch it a second time :D

anyway it's great to be back in the flash scene and i'm very much in it right now so expect many more submissions coming your way!
games and movies alike.

*update, thank you all for the kind words and thank you ng for the front page :3 ill get right to work on the next project





It was really good! The only problems that I have with it, is that you didn't draw the bricks to the top and middle of the pyramid, which made it look a bit dumb... :P
The other thing is that I think you could of made it longer and crazier! It is supposed to be a mad dream right?!
But the animation, drawing and music are pretty damn good!!! Great idea as well!
I hope that if you'll make another one it will be way longer and even better!!!
Good job and keep up the good work! (FAV)

too short

I like it very much, but for a dream it is too short. Maybe you could slow down it, or add some scenes, but the end is too aprupt.


It was original.
It was smooth.
Not to mention trippy.
Good job.

bad communication design

Regarding to the headline this movie is a big failure. If we plan to make a movie about a monsters dream, than it would be a movie about death and rape and armageddon.

This is a common dream... nothing special about it. The job/headline could be called "igdebards dream" or something. But not a monsters dream, that´s very wrong. Splits so to say the designers from the artists, hehe :)

Anyways, good movie, but I highly recomment to think and understand before doing. You made it too easy for you, so I give you only on a scale from 2 to 12 with 8 as max score and 1 as lowest score a 7 out of 9.

animatorjones responds:

wo, i think ill have to read this review again to fully take it all in.

as for the title, or headline as you call it. Not every monster is filthy and evil. One side of this movie shows the innocence of the "blue monster" because no one knows of him really (except the few really old school flash forum guys from the "flash battle" days... so he's not your average "rape and armageddon" kind of monster. as for "igdebards dream" the monster is nameless so there you go, had to be "Monster's dream" not to mention if you saw before you watched it was rated "E for Everyone, 0 violence etc..."

haha thanks for the interesting review though :D (not sure it was really "easy" for me. but a 7 out of 9 in your books works for me :D



You did a good job expressing your basic idea (story) with the animation and it seemed flow rather nicely. But my only question is..... why did it have to end so soon i was begging for more. Im glad you didn't choose the tentacle monster. FAVORED

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Jul 7, 2008
6:42 AM EDT
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