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Red is Bad

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I have not submitted anything in a long time, and I hope you'll enjoy this simple game!

Controls: Mouse only.

-Get the blue circles for points. Don't let them exit the screen, or you'll lose a life.
-Touching red circles subtract a life.
-Pink circles award an extra life.
-Orange circles remove all the circles on the screen by clicking the mouse, and award a point for each.


So I was looking through my old favorites...

And I found this. It's hard to say how easy or hard it is, since sometimes dots will be in nearly impossible places on level 1 and sometimes they'll all go right down the middle on level 10. Eventually, and suddenly, the game becomes pretty much impossible. I'd suggest preset dot patterns, variety (Walls, reversed controls, levels that are almost entirely red dots... you get it. OOOOO That gave me an idea for a level that starts out as a forced, twisted red tunnel of dots, then at some point a blue dot appears on the outside of the tunnel and an exit appears in the side of the red tunnel when it's about halfway down the screen. Then you have to get back in and do it a few more times. I should make games...), music, some sort of final level, and maybe a bonus life every 50 points or something. I hope you improve this game, because with those kinds of things it would be my absolute favorite dot avoider.


the icon looks like the Japanese flag.
Nicely done.

C360 responds:

Haha, more like a Japanese Flag ON CRACK. Thanks for compliment and rating.

Somewhat addicting, still good

That was a good game. It's still a little flat, though, so my suggestion to you is to add some music(we have an audio portal here!), add more powerups, and crazy game twists(balls come from every side). The game is too easy, try adding more red balls.

C360 responds:

I might add my own music! I created all the sound effects from synths I have, even the game over sound. You're right the game is too easy, it needs to progress differently.

All it needs is some music!

Great but missing music. You should also add upgrades like a larger box and a weapon or something.

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Too easy.

Dat was good would give a 8 but dat was too easy.
Make it harder next time.

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C360 responds:

Really? I don't understand how the game can be too easy if it goes on forever, but maybe I should make it progress more difficult, faster. Thanks

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2.73 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
11:11 PM EDT
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