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OrgLIX at AnimeUSA

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I've taken a brief break in OrgLIX episodes to produce this promotional trailer just to help get the word out where the soundtrack alone might not have carried as much weight.

It's all explained... eventually by Xemnas what it's about and the details of the event is available at www.orglix.org

Voice actors are credited (I guest star as Reporter #1), again Orin is responsible for the script and sound editing and all the animation is by myself.

Organization XIII is copyright of Disney/Square Enix, etc

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Awesome flash!

Some of those random questions were rather hilarious especially when one of the press reporters was about to ask about those pictures of the fact that Xemnas was in a gay relationship with his second-in-command( If that is the fact in the series). Nice job with the animated annoucement the recent forum.

Tetsubo responds:

Sorry about the lateness, I don't visit my own works on Newground often nor get notified of reviews.

Even when its a convention announcement there's OrgLIX humour, Xemnas and Saix's relationship is fairly known if you listen to the content at the website.
I animated this in the hopes of attracting the fans I had amassed via my animations to do something nice for the group considering I lived in the UK and couldn't go, however one of the cast dropped out and my circumstances changed which was great, it just happened after the soundtrack and this animation so it doesn't accomodate Roxas and Vexen dropping out and Luxord and Lexaeus replacing them.


I liked it! it was a little funny, a little. But overall it was acceptably swell, heh. ^-^
Maybe just a tad bit more detail/work on characters, either way they still look nice.

Tetsubo responds:

Sorry for the lateness

This was never meant to count as an official episode, I keep the details simplistic on purpose as I knew the first animation wouldn't be the last and that I could get more done with simple designs, however in contrast to the months of work I usually put in, time was limited so this was actually completed in around a week's worth of free time between a full time job.


lol. its totally random but funny.

Tetsubo responds:

OrgLIX is known for its occasional randomness, thanks for the review.

couldn't you just posted a blog or something .....

thats about it o and it was funny

Tetsubo responds:

I don't upload animations frequently and since I'd made the effort to voluntarily do this for the group to get the word out on DA and YouTube I saw no harm in adding it here, I figured a visual audio movie would draw more attention than a blog anyway.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
6:14 PM EDT