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Newgrounds Info: Extended

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Author Comments

This is an extended version of my previous flash but with more features, smaller file size and parts a lot better placed within the flash.
The features with a "?" will be coming up in the next week or so.
I have a few bits in the flash that need to be added or fixed still but too busy to fix at the moment.

Enjoy the flash and I hope you learn something!

If you find a broken link or any glitch please PM me, thanks.

- Added the Following in the "Old stuff" section:
Post Icons
Old Mod Aura
Old Logo's
Added Rob's new icons

Feel free to P.M me for any ideas or post in my news post about this.

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A nice information.

is a nice stuff!

Perfect in almost every way.

Just make an option to mute the music PLEASE. I don't hate the music, I just wanna listen to my own while looking at this stuff.


thx 4 this it rely helped me learn as much as i could in newgrounds


G is for good wicth is this flash

:) good

where is ??? i waited few weeks

Phil responds:

I lost the fla long ago, I can't edit a single bit without it.