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Shanto's Shorts

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Author Comments

Hey guys. This is a stickfigure movie. So if you hate stickfigures, just don't watch. Some of these animations are new, or old, or better, or worse. But yeah. Note that these aren't in any order.

Basically, this shows some of my short tests in animating. I felt like submitting to NG, so yeah.


Awesome animation

However, there were no other redeeming features to this film

A questionable interest in stick figures

This is your collection of your tests and developing skills that you chose to put together and present on Newgrounds. You put yourself in the position of being criticized and judged upon your performances and that is what i will do.
Perhaps being one of the more bland submissions within the genre of stick figures and a sub genre within that being shorts. This comes across as nothing of particular interest or fasincation. Stick figures doing ordinary things, kicking, throwing and punching, nothing remarkable. I understand in order to improve you are developing upon the basics of course and that is respectable at that, but perhaps a debut with the extraordinary was what i myself and dare i speak for others what they were expecting also. Previous reviews to mine obviously involved some of your aliases, all kindly presenting scores of 10s. Surely perhaps this would be enough to give you a confidence boost, but in truth the animation is mediocre for a debut animator at best. Stick figures are choppy in movement at best. There are some notable animations, slightly realistic, comic and cartoonish but there rarity brings this display of development down and the lose of interest becomes apparent.
A rather ordinary collection, but it is good to see development and reading the other reviews it is good to see evidence of their interest in your development too. I hope to see something different if not spectacular in your next flash, although i do somewhat anticipate otherwise. There is always a chance to blow us away with something truly remarkable amongst your peers and the creative community and i hope to see that somewhere in your progress however long it may be.

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Shantoflare responds:

Thanks man. I appreciate this review. I really do. I admit, I am quite the horrible animator. But that's why I am trying to get better, and people like you, push me to do my best. I appreciate it man!


I see you put in that animation for my suicide competition. I like seeing your progress.

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Shantoflare responds:

Yes I did Devour.

<3 thanks.


i'm in the credits C:

good job on some of them!

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Shantoflare responds:

<3 you!

Thanks. Maybe I shouldn't of put the bad ones in there, maybe I would get a higher score T.T


A longer movie from you ^_^
I like it buddy, it's your progress for so much time :) And thanks for putting me in the credits :)

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Shantoflare responds:

Thanks, and your welcome.

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Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
1:18 PM EDT
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